The start of a new relationship can always be an uncertain time.  For participants in a dating show, it is uncertain to the hundredth degree. 

If you are one of the women or men in the crowd vying for the one bachelor or bachelorette, you have to deal with watching him or her dating multiple people – sometimes in the middle of the date they are on with you. 

If you’re the one doing the choosing, well, that’s a little bit easier, but there are always the doubts about the motivations of that group of women or men.  Are they angling for your heart or just more camera time?

And if you both make it through all that and decide that you’ve actually maybe found love…as soon as you both agree to give the relationship a go, you’re separated for sometimes months until the show’s finale airs.

That was the case for Amanda Salinas and Mark Philippoussis from NBC’s Age of Love.   When the show’s finale aired on Monday, the two were finally able to reconnect in person.  It was the first time the two had been together since taping wrapped in May.  And so, fans and skeptics alike wonder, how did that reunion go? 

The two met in Las Vegas on Monday to watch the finale with friends at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. A source close to Mark told People magazine, “They were both really nervous to see each other but as soon as it happened they were great…Mark had a bunch of friends in town from Australia so he introduced her to them.”

The source goes on to say that after the finale, the couple “had drinks at Heart Bar. After that, they went up to Mark’s suite to party.”

And after that? “They plan on staying in Vegas for the week together and do couple things.”

It’s possible the source wanted to remain a little vague in details, but all in all, one is not bowled over by sense that this was a passionate reunion of two lovebirds who had been kept apart for months and months.

Mark has also updated his blog after the finale to include some additional comments around Amanda and his feelings for her. True to the form he demonstrated on Age of Love, they are neither particularly effusive nor illuminating, but it’s possible that with a new relationship, he might want to keep his feelings a little under wraps for a while longer.

He wrote, “From the beginning I felt a connection with her and it grew as we got to know each other. I can’t say what is going to happen after all this, but I am excited to see where this journey with Amanda will take us. ”

As that journey progresses, BuddyTV will certainly keep you updated on whether Age of Love resulted in lasting love for Mark and his Kitten Amanda. 

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: iVillage, People

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