This has been another wild week. Daniele shook up the house, Jen won another PoV and, yes, Amber cried . Dick ranted, Dustin ranted, Eric ranted, Amber ranted, and yes, Amber cried. There were four large bunnies spotted in the house, Dick and Jen actually had civil conversations, there IS a houseguest named Zach, the Late Night Crew exploded, and, yes, Amber cried. Kail and Eric are on the chopping block. Who will be evicted?

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was almost sure that Kail was leaving. The girls of the LNC didn’t trust Eric anymore, but they were going to stick with their alliance. When I woke up this morning, Wednesday, I was almost sure that Eric was going. What the heck happened in those 24 hours?

Amber is what happened. Jen and the Donato’s got into her head. They found the weakest link and ran with it. Dick insinuated that Eric told him a very personal secret that she told him and was threatening to tell everyone. Daniele managed to lay the entire Nick eviction on Eric’s head and Jen told Amber all about her supposed tight alliance with Eric. Amber cried and then she caved.

How the heck did Amber pass the psych screening? She’s told us about her recent meth addiction, she told Eric some really personal information that could hurt people she cares about, and Tuesday night she went on an awful anti-semitic rant. She’d previously laughed about her dog hating blacks, and now we hear about her views on Jewish people. Yes, I know she was upset at Eric and his supposed betrayal, but she went too far. Her diatribe was even reported on and

Jen has done some bonding this week with a few of the girls. It’s been good to see. Is it real? I guess we’ll find out. I think she and Daniele would make a great team, but I don’t think it will happen as long as Dick is in the house. Their truce is only until Eric is evicted and then they’ll ‘reevaluate’ it.

If Kail stays this week, she owes it to Jen. Jen’s tales of Eric are what turned the girls of the LNC against Eric. At the beginning, we did see Eric spend time with Jen. And we saw them talking in the hammock a couple of times. According to her, though, they’ve been in a final 2 alliance and he’d been feeding her information on the LNC. I remember during her time as Head of Household, she and Kail had a discussion on their allies. They concluded that Kail had Mike and Jen had Eric. My question is this, though … if you have a tight, secret alliance, why would you out it? And to Dick and Daniele, of all people?

Dustin has been such a putz this week, that he may be the next target. While I like that he’s taken up for his alliance member, he’s been a little dictator. He seems to think that he’s in charge and he’s abrasive. He’s bullied and he’s bashed. He’s totally trashed Dick and Daniele to Zach and has bad mouthed others in his alliance. I’m beginning to think Joe was right in his evaluation of Dustin’s personality.

And Zach has awakened! He’s started to play the game. He pandered to Dustin’s need to talk about how great he is and got a whole lot of information out of him. What did he do with that information? He used it to forge an alliance with Dick and Daniele. Or so he thinks. They are using him until they have no more need of him. I’ll be curious to see if they protect him when he’s in danger or if they just cut him loose. He’s not such a bad guy, kind of strange, but not bad. I’d like to see him win HoH to see how he’d handle it.

Dick and Daniele have done a good job in recruiting and gathering the outsiders to combat the LNC. Last night, after Amber, Jameka and Dustin agreed that Eric has to go, there were hugs all around and talk about being happy to be back together, but I just don’t see Dick and Dustin teaming together again after the harsh words spoken on both sides. Would Dick and Daniele really throw over Zach and Jen for the wishy washy others?

One thing about this group … they aren’t predictable. They back stab, front stab, forgive and seemingly forget. Tonight they seem solid in getting Eric out, but I don’t trust any of them actually. Amber swore on her daughter’s life that she’d vote to keep Eric, but today she was swearing to vote to evict him. Jameka also promised to keep Eric. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow if their word means anything. Until then, catch y’all around the forums.

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