This is supposed to be an easy week for the Late Night Crew. Win Head of Household, put up Dick and Daniele, if one comes off the block, put up Jen or Zach. Enjoy the week. Right? Well, no. Between Dick going off on people, Dustin flexing his ego muscle, and Eric hanging all over her, poor Jessica is not having a very good week. I don’t think she’s had the HoH room to herself since she got it.

.This article contains spoilers: read on at your own risk.

Saturday, in what sounded like a Fear Factor eating competition, Dick won the Power of Veto. He kept saying that he’d use it to take off Daniele, but some of the other houseguests wondered if he really would.

I had no doubts. The guy has been trying so hard to mend fences with his daughter, I knew he’d fall on his sword for her. He was acting out more than usual for the expressed purpose of making people so mad that they’d vote him out and not her.

He’s been playing such mind games with those people that even when he told them that he was finished messing with them, they were still hiding in the HoH room. Once he won the PoV, he said that he was done because now he didn’t have to worry about Daniele getting evicted. That pretty much tells me that he’s taking her off.

The only reason Eric stopped quivering in the HoH room and came downstairs was because Jessica was having too much fun with Zach. He is so possessive of her. Between this and her telling the girls last week that she’d wake up and find him staring at her, I’d be scared. In fact, I voted in the America’s Player poll for him to give Jessica the cold shoulder, just so she could get a break from him.

Dustin arrogantly told Jessica that she could put him up as a replacement nominee against Dick. This makes absolutely no sense to me. You have a 5-4 advantage right now. Why not make sure one of the others is gone? If everyone votes according to their alliance, it will be a 3-3 tie. They are counting on Jen to vote out Dick. Why would Jen want to be #6 in an alliance when she could at least be #4 in another one? She told them that if she got HoH, she’d put up Dick and Dustin. Did that not ring any bells? And they know that there have been some hinky votes cast … why chance it? Ego, out of control.

They are gonna mess around and Zach is going to win this thing. He hasn’t ticked anyone off. He hasn’t betrayed anyone that they know of. He’s been hanging with both sides this week, and told them that he is playing both sides. And his name has not come up as a possible replacement nominee. He’s playing the best game right now, I think.

Jen also has been playing both sides. I like that she’s been having fun and not isolating herself this week. She’s had free reign of the house, because it seems that her truce with Dick has extended to this week and he’s not been bothering her at all. In fact, she’s been enjoying eating this week thanks to Dick.

Before, and perhaps after, he called his truce, Dick really messed with the LNC. In addition to going off on them whenever he saw them, he’s been taking their things and hiding them. I saw him pour tabasco sauce in the juice, and who knows what I missed. He’s also stopped washing their towels, Heavens to Murgatroyd! How dare he! And they had the nerve to complain about it. I say, good for him.

Today was the Power of Veto ceremony. According to what I’ve heard, Dick’s speech was so eloquent that Jen was in tears. As expected, he took Daniele off the block. And indeed, Jessica put Dustin on the block. You’d think they would have remembered that pawns have a very bad habit of leaving in this game. It’s not going to break my heart to see Dustin leave. Y’all know how I feel about him.

It could be very amusing if Dick stays. Would Jameka or Amber request to leave? Their mantra this week has been six more days, then five more days, then four more days, etc. Amber will probably flood the Diary Room if Julie announces, “By a vote of 4-2, Dustin, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house”. The rest of the LNC won’t be able to play the HoH competition worth a darn. The table would be turned, big time.

This is going to be an interesting next few days. Dick sees an opportunity for both him and his daughter to stay. And he’s gonna work it. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. Will Dustin, in his arrogance, neglect to campaign? And who will America choose for Eric to vote to evict? Fasten your seatbelts, it may be a bumpy ride. Until next time, catch y’all in the forums.

–Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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