Teen Wolf isn’t easing fans into its series finale in any way. However, this is only fitting for a show that has its characters almost always leaping before looking. With three episodes to go overall, Teen Wolf mashes its two penultimate episodes into one messy two-parter. The episodes, titled “Genotype” and “Broken Glass,” respectively, obviously aren’t meant to go together, but they do manage to set the stage for an incredible series finale. Hopefully, the final episode will deliver on its many promises.

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How to (Not) Catch an Anuk-ite

Teen Wolf uses one of its favorite final season plots to open the two-parter. The gang splits up and tries to accomplish one singular goal. These hide-and-seek stories aren’t exactly complex, but they do keep things moving and allow Teen Wolf to focus on the two things it does best: creepy imagery and character beats. This time, the pack gets their Scooby Doo on by going after the two halves of the Anuk-ite. They want to keep it from merging and maybe, just maybe, find out how to kill it. 

While this hunting mission does give us the unexpectedly excellent pairing that is Mason and Theo working together, it’s a disaster from the start. No one does their job correctly, and it’s yet another instance of the heroes being hopelessly outmatched. While this is good for building tension, which Teen Wolf has done excellently this season, the pack still seems like hopeless morons. It’s doubtless that they will triumph, but the show hasn’t set up a decent reason why just yet.

After chasing their tails for most the episode, the second half of the Anuk-ite is revealed. (It’s Quinn, a character that no one remembers.) Quinn and her other half, Aaron (the other character no one remembers), merge. Then the crap really hits the fan and not just because the Anuk-ite turns into a fleshly nightmare and not two sexy “teens.” The Anuk-ite has just graduated to near-invincible status. 

Lydia and Malia are somewhat successful with their mission. They find out how to kill the Anuk-ite by learning that you can’t kill an Anuk-ite. There’s no way to kill it, only trap it. To make matters worse, once merged the Anuk-ite can kill people (turn them into stone) with a single look. It’s certainly not an original idea, but Teen Wolf does a great job of milking this threat for all its potential. 

It’s hard to fight something you can’t see … unless you have a formerly blind, former Alpha to teach you. So Scott and Malia go meet up with Deucalion to be their blind Yoda, but first they have very hot shower sex because they’ve got priorities. 

Nolan Finally Wakes Up

“Genotype” is an effective episode of set-up, but it essentially is nothing more than trying to beef up season 6B’s weakest plot, the Anuk-ite. By consequence, it’s a little disappointing. Luckily, “Broken Glass” sweeps in to deliver where the previous episode has disappointed. It’s the penultimate episode of Teen Wolf ever, and it feels so in the best way possible. 

For starters, “Broken Glass” begins with a fantastic reminder that Monroe and her hunters are the absolute worst. Monroe hosts a rousing meeting in her torture basement, where she over-enunciates her ass off and praises violence of all types. (Girl needs to die soon.) This horror show finally convinces Nolan that enough is enough. He’s done with the hunters, and he turns to Liam for help to take them down from the inside. Nolan takes Liam inside the hospital, where the hunters have werewolves hooked up to wolfsbane, torturing them.

Nolan was rather irritating in the first few episodes, but the combination of Froy Gutierrez growing into the role and him becoming a slightly more likable person has done wonders for his character. Nolan’s not lovable, but this whole venture with Liam ends up putting a human face on the increasingly monstrous hunters. As Scott hopes later in the episode, it might very well be the Anuk-ite that is changing people entirely. It’s not just bringing out their worst instincts.

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The End Begins

Nolan is an outlier for now, though, so his plan to expose the hunters is manipulated into a trap. The hunters use Nolan’s doubts against him. Gabe — horrible pouty Gabe — forces Nolan into a room and proceeds to beat the crap out of him. With Nolan incapacitated, hunters begin to trap Liam, Mason and Corey inside the hospital. 

Across town, Scott and the gang are being drawn into a similar trap. Scott and Malia’s lessons of how to fight blind with Deucalion are interrupted, which is a real shame because they’re incredibly entertaining. Lydia arrives, with Peter in tow, to inform everyone that she had a vision. They’re all going to die, and the hunters are coming for them right now.

On cue, Monroe and a ridiculous amount of lackeys show up and start opening fire. In the first volley, Deucalion is cut down and killed. The rest of the pack scatter, but there’s not much room to run. The final battle has begun, and it doesn’t look good for Scott and the gang.

Old Blue Eyes

Similar to the return of Jackson and Ethan in the previous episode, the return of the next fan-favorite character is similarly tacked on for no apparent reason. Hopefully, these returns will feel more natural and vital in the series finale because so far they’ve just been fan service; it’s a welcome fan service, but it’s still transparent. 

In any case, “Broken Glass” is the proper return of Derek Hale. Derek didn’t kill a bunch of people as suggested in the season premiere. He’s being framed for the murder by Gerard. Argent tracks Derek down, and he’s initially reluctant to come back (also for no apparent reason). Yet when Kate Argent shows up, nearly kills Derek and Argent and announces in melodramatic fashion that she’s going to kill Scott, Derek’s suddenly on board. He rushes off to Beacon Hills, seemingly on foot.

It’s a lot of plot movement in very little time. Kate’s return, while spoiled by trailers, particularly comes out of nowhere. However, it’s hard not to feel a little jazzed about the return of Scott’s first mentor. Teen Wolf (and Tyler Hoechlin) seems to be forgetting that Derek was a perpetual bummer in his original run on the show. Now he’s a wise-cracking, smirking ass that would make Stiles blush, but it’s great to have him back.

What did you think of the penultimate episodes of Teen Wolf? Are you excited for the series finale? Who else do you think will die? Who else do you want to die? How did you feel about Derek’s return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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