David Boreanaz is headed straight back to TV after his stint on Bones, and his new show SEAL Team is looking promising. Boreanaz plays elite Navy SEAL Jason Hayes in this high-action, hour-long CBS drama.

Hayes is charming and gregarious, but he is also saddled with the trauma of past missions, hunting some of the world’s most dangerous and evil villains. He and his team are sent to some of the most remote and treacherous parts of the world to keep America safe from its enemies.

Being heroes puts an incredible strain on their personal lives. Suffering from PTSD, Hayes is in therapy for a particularly damaging experience, and he struggles to find a balance between his emotional issues, his duty, and his family.

Hayes is part of a superior squad, but workplace politics can sometimes interfere with how well they get along with each other. Max Thieriot plays the young hot shot, Clay, who works as a foil to Boreanaz’ Hayes. The show also features Neil Brown, Jr. (Insecure), A.J. Buckley (Pure), Toni Trucks (NCIS: New Orleans), and Jessica Pare (Mad Men).

Boreanaz spoke to TV Insider about his new role as Jason Hayes, and what it’s like to play a character with such a complicated emotional history. He said, “Jason Hayes is a flawed SEAL team operative leader who’s the best of the best, but he’s trying to hold it all together [personally]. He’s very comfortable on missions. He thrives on them — being in the military is his love, his passion. When he gets home he finds he has difficulty dealing with certain things, like relationships. He has two kids, he’s gone through a separation, and is a hypersensitive guy.”

About the military aspect of the show, the former Bones actor was thrilled to work with former SEAL operatives as consultants. He said, “Our consulting producer Mark Semos was very influential in me doing this show [and understanding these men]. He told me: SEAL guys go all in. If they’re going to do shots of tequila, it’s a whole bottle. There are a number of lost team members Mark still has in his phone. He can’t acknowledge [that loss] yet. I don’t even know when that can happen for him.”

Boreanaz told TV Insider that he was attracted to the “brotherhood” of the show, and his chemistry with the other actors really shows. Of course, he can do no TV wrong, but SEAL Team looks like it could be a breakout hit of the 2017 fall season.

SEAL Team premieres September 26 at 9/8c on CBS. Want more news? Like our Facebook page.

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