One of the big selling points of Teen Wolf‘s final season before it began was that a bunch of fan favorites were going to return. While the premiere of season 6B opened with Stiles and Derek making brief appearances, that promise has rang rather hollow otherwise. Papa McCall is back and Theo’s running around, but that’s about it. In this episode, titled “Werewolves of London,” that all changes as a whole troupe of familiar faces returns. It’s just in time as well, as there are only about four installments (including this one) left for Teen Wolf.

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Building an Army

As expected, Melissa was shot in the hunters’ attack of the McCall House. She wasn’t the only one to be shot, however. Everyone, save for Scott and Malia, was caught in the crossfire, and while they’re all “fine,” it leaves Teen Wolf‘s newest power couple alone for the moment. Since Gerard has an army, Scott realizes he’s going to need one of his own because Theo and Liam clearly aren’t cutting it. Scott’s second choices aren’t that much better, however.

The first stop on Scott’s recruiting mission is Deucalion, the (former) Demon Wolf and Scott’s sometimes ally. Although Deucalion has gone up against Gerard before and nearly killed him, he’s since turned over a new leaf. Deucalion is no longer a killer. Instead, he’s morphed into some pacifist Yoda-type figure, and it’s not a bad transformation. Frankly, any excuse to see Deucalion is worth it because he has one of the coolest voices in the series, but the zen outlook gives the old character an exciting new approach. Deucalion promises to help Scott, but he will not fight for him.

Scott then must go to his least reliable frenemy, Peter. Peter, unlike Deucalion, is the same (though he’s suddenly rich now), but that’s the way Peter should be, honestly. Peter is 10 different types of swaggering and smug. It should be old and tired by now, but it’s not. Peter’s sass should only be dealt out in small doses, but it’s a wonderful little treat when given. The sass is only enhanced by the fact that Teen Wolf now has his daughter, Malia, to play off him. 

While Peter eventually resists Scott’s offer, he does end up joining his cause after realizing how much Malia cares for Scott. It’s not exactly heartwarming, as Peter is (and will forever be) a horrible deadbeat dad, but any slight sign of humanity is a good thing for Peter. 

Peter has more to offer than banter with Malia. Peter warns Scott that if he’s going to win this war, he’s going to be just as dedicated as the other side. In other words, Scott McCall is going to have to finally kill. Scott’s dilemma over killing has resurfaced time and time again on Teen Wolf, but it is nice it’s returning for the final season, even if Scott does find another way out of it. 

Two Halves of a Creepy Whole

Scott has Peter and sort of has Decualion, but he still needs more troops. But rather than go to Stiles, Derek or that girlfriend he left in the desert (#WhatAboutKira), he goes to some random pack that Malia apparently knows of but never mentioned before now. When the two get there, they find that the entire pack has been killed in that creepy, eyeless, Anuk-ite way. 

This fits into the mission of all the other side characters. Lydia has been woken up in the hospital by mysterious visions of death, while Theo and Liam finally learn that the creepy corpse kid (aka Aaron) is one half of the Anuk-ite. The gang puts all their information together and learns that the other half of the Anuk-ite must be werewolf, and they have to find it before “Aaron” manages to locate them. It’s a pretty lame “twist,” but at least it’s a mission for the pack to follow.

The Anuk-ite story is just falling flat so far. This is mostly because it’s been way too obscured in mystery, and the face we do know of the Anuk-ite is a nobody. (Was Aaron’s name ever even stated before this episode?) Hopefully, the search for the other face will bring some excitement and investment because right now the hunters are the only villains worth investing time in this season, even if they’re awful, awful people.

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The Werewolves of London

The werewolves of London give the episode their name, but they’re incredibly tacked on to the proceedings. These London werewolves are, in fact, Jackson Whittemore and Ethan (no last name ever given), who are now apparently dating. The coupling is a surprise, but it’s actually rather perfect in practice. Jackson is an overwhelming personality and Ethan (still) has very little, so they balance each other. 

Jackson and Ethan’s anniversary is interrupted by two of Gerard’s hunters coming into their swanky English flat (like Peter, they’re both super rich now) and trying to kill them. Jackson stops them both in a very cool action scene, and the couple flees to Beacon Hills. Once home, they go to the school, where they run into Monroe and ask for Scott. (By the way, Monroe has now taken over the Sheriff’s office for no other reason than all adults that don’t have supernatural kids are awful in this universe.)

Monroe, realizing she’s meeting Jackson Whittemore, quickly takes both guys … and locks them up. Monroe straps Jackson and Ethan to her electrified torture grate and tries to get information out of them. Jackson and Ethan aren’t budging and, in fact, appear to be right where they want to be for the moment. (Fingers crossed that they just straight-up murder Monroe in the next episode.)

How do you think Jackson and Ethan will escape? Are you interested in the Anuk-ite? Do you have any theories on the other face? Which character return are you anxiously awaiting? Will Scott finally kill this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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