There was a lot that went down in the Suits midseason finale but perhaps the most noteworthy event was that Donna finally made her move … on Harvey. After another impassioned monologue from Louis, specifically about him letting the love of his life go, Donna kissed Harvey telling him she had to “know.” Besides the two finally locking lips, there wasn’t much resolution to the moment. In an interview with TVLine, Suits executive producer Aaron Korsh and actor Gabriel Macht teased what fans can expect when the show returns for season 7B.

Suits Poll: Are Harvey and Donna Better Off as Friends? >>> When Donna finally planted one on Harvey, he was dumbstruck. Donna was the instigator and she immediately walked away from Harvey after, leaving him confused. This was very much the intention — the show wanted the kiss to be all about Donna. 

“Donna is doing this thing for herself,” executive producer Aaron Korsh explained. “She wants to know what her own feelings are and what she thinks she wants.”

“She’s thinking, ‘I have to know how I really feel,’ so she just does it,” he added. “She did what she needed to do, and she went away to process what that thing did to her. That’s why I think she walked away.”

Of course there are some extra complications to the kiss as Harvey is currently dating his (ex-)therapist, Paula. According to Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey, this will be a big factor in how Harvey responds to the moment in the back half of the season. 

“I think he’s in this state of like, ‘Was there something there? Did I feel something? I don’t know if I felt something. Did you just put me into a position that I have been fighting my whole life against — infidelity?'” Macht said of Harvey’s thought processes. “His mother cheated on his father. It’s a big theme in his life. There’s part of that.”

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While this suggests that Harvey might stay with Paula, Korsh isn’t ruling out the possibility that Harvey cares for Donna. In fact, he suggested that Harvey might be equally torn between both women when the show returns. Harvey isn’t in denial about his feelings for Donna, he’s just confused. 

“Feelings are complicated, and certain people can have feelings for more than one person at the same time and not know what their feelings are and things of that nature,” Korsh explained. “Harvey spends a lot of time thinking about himself, and not really a lot of time necessarily thinking about others. I wouldn’t necessarily call it denial, but you could, I suppose, make the case that not thinking about it is a form of denial.”

No matter how things play out, the aftermath of the kiss will be felt through the next six episodes of Suits. It might even spill out into season 8. This isn’t necessarily the start of a happily ever after for Harvey and Donna. “Whether you’re rooting for Harvey and Donna or not, it’s still a bold maneuver to do that to someone else while they’re in a relationship, and especially given Harvey’s feelings on what it is to be faithful to another person,” Korsh teased. “All I can say is it’s absolutely going to have its ramifications.” 

What did you think of the kiss? Were you surprised? Happy? How do you think Harvey will respond? How do you hope Harvey responds? 

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