Parents are always telling kids not to go to raves. Judging from what goes down at the party in this week’s Teen Wolf, “Raving,” those parents might be right. Although I would think that most raves would have fewer monsters. Hopefully.

Zombies Are Cool

Remember how Jackson went all zombie last week? That’s still going on. But instead of a mind-altering book title, Jackson is now influenced by a text message. Zombie Jackson immediately goes to his car (adjusting the radio to a station more appropriate for death and destruction) and drives to a warehouse.

NOTE: This must be a long drive. Because it’s dark when Jackson arrives.

The rave has a line already, which makes Jackson’s fixation on a Random Rave Girl in a red beret kind of inconvenient. Matt(?), the rave-loving, Allison-obsessed photographer has also arrived and tries to make nice. This doesn’t work because a) Jackson is all possessed and stuff, and b) this is Jackson we’re talking about. “Nice” does not apply.

Hidden around a dark corner, Scott spies on the rave line. I guess he was tailing Jackson or something. Whatever the case, Scott covers his random appearance by asking about rave tickets. It turns out that raves are super expensive in Beacon Hills

Family Dinners with the Stilinskis

Stiles and his dad may not do your standard domesticity thing, but they do share meals. This time, said meal is veggie burgers and crudites (much to the Sheriff’s carnivorous dismay) in the police station. Much like Argent family meals turn to death and murder, Stilinski meals rapidly bring up police work.

Because he’s really an awful sheriff (where his son is concerned), the elder Stilinski tells Stiles that all of the Kanima’s victims were 24 (except, obviously, Isaac’s dad — but he had a son that age) and graduated from high school together.

Now that Stiles knows, the Sheriff figures he might as well bring the kid on the case. This is a good choice, since Stiles is way quicker at figuring stuff out. Working together, father and son soon realize (thanks to some randomly present school files) that all four dead students were in Mr. Harris’ chemistry class of doom.

Why they couldn’t be in other classes together, I don’t know. Maybe just because Mr. Harris is super creepy.

As Stiles flips through the yearbook, we finally get a connection: Random Rave Girl is Kara Simmons, another member of the kanima-targeted class of 2006.

Back at the rave, Jackson has reached Kara. But he doesn’t kill her — he just pays for admission in the creepiest possible way.

Morgue Visits with the Argents

Allison gets to bond with her daddy too. At the morgue. Right. Not like this is any weirder than anything the Argents do. Mr. Argent tells the tale of the married murder victims and informs Allison (and us), that two different killers must be involved. Then he quotes Winston Churchill while lecturing/interrogating his daughter.

He does kind of have a point about the dead people and stuff.

At about this time, Scott lets Derek and a very-unwanted Isaac into the Vet’s office. The goal is to kill save Jackson, and the Vet has a lot of ideas. Thanks to the non-swimming issue and how Jackson wouldn’t kill the pregnant lady, they realize that whatever affects the kanima also affects the Master.

School Is for Fighting and Monsters

The next day at school, Stiles and Scott blow off Matt(?)’s attempts to understand anything and learn that rave tickets are really, really hard to come by. At least they have Isaac to help by kind of killing someone else for a pair.

Later that day, Allison and Scott meet in the abandoned chemistry classroom. Her parents are getting too close to the truth (The pencils! Oh the pencils!), so it’s time to pretend affection for others. This is convenient, thanks to Allison’s accidental rave date with Matt. Scott is all for this, which leads to passionate kissing. And to this:


Raving Monsters

Stiles and Scott visit the Vet before they hit the rave. The Vet provides magic dust to keep monsters from escaping or something. Over at the Argents’, they’re relying more on heavy artillery (and those mysterious pills, in the case of Grandpa Gerard). Allison is willing to help, but only because she thinks the hunters only want to trap Jackson.

They don’t. They want to kill him. In the case of Grandpa Gerard, this killing will evidently be accomplished with a tiny knife. Allison is not going to be OK with this.

Poor Stiles isn’t OK either. Before he can get to fairy dusting, Stiles finds out that his dad has been suspended as sheriff. It’s pretty much all Stiles’ fault. Too bad the kid can’t explain all of the werewolf-related extenuating circumstances.

Not even the rave can ease the pain — Scott immediately ditches Stiles to go yell at Allison both for coming to the rave on her Matt(?)-date and for telling the Argents about the plans to take down Jackson.

Clap Your Hands If You Believe!

Outside of the rave, Stiles circles the building with his magic fairy dust. Alas, there is not enough! Isn’t that always the way it goes with magic fairy dust?

Fortunately, this is magic fairy dust. Inspired by the ominous presence of the chemistry teacher’s car (with its “Imagination is more important than knowledge” bumper sticker), Stiles just closes his eyes and makes an “I believe!” expression.
That works. The ring is complete!


Derek and Boyd show up beneath the giant Beacon Hills highway overpass to confront Mr. Argent and the Hunters (Grandpa Gerard having conveniently and suspiciously disappeared before this). They trade insults for a brief period before the guns, claws and tazers come out.

It’s a rumble! The only thing that would improve this would be a ballet-inspired dance number like in West Side Story. That’s a good movie…

And this is a good fight. Derek and Boyd seem to kind of win, taking out all of the hunters except for Mr. Argent. But Boyd also got shot by a wolfsbane-laced bullet and is sent away to safety. This just leaves Derek to run the show and save Scott.

Awkwardness and Glow Sticks

The ravers inside the warehouse are aware of neither the rumble nor Stiles’ magic fairy ring. They have other issues.

First, Scott charges Isaac with the task of doping Jackson while dancing. Alas, Isaac might not have been the best choice to send after everybody’s favorite kanima. Jackson is easily found — in full evil, possessed kanima mode — while busy stalking Random Rave Girl Kara. But then he’s intercepted by Isaac and Erika, who want to make hot werewolf sandwiches with him.

Mmmmm… Werewolf sandwiches…

Jackson isn’t hungry for werewolf though. After only a brief bit of sexy-dancing, Jackson throws off both werewolves and resumes his single-minded hunt. Isaac loses his hypodermic in the struggle, which is unfortunate considering that it’s now on the floor, surrounded by a sea of drug-addled, glowstick-waving ravers.

However, in a rare fit of werewolf coolness, Isaac does get the hypodermic and knocks out Jackson.

Elsewhere at the rave, Kara looks bored as Matt(?) and Allison dance awkwardly. The awkwardness only grows when the kids bump into Mr. Harris, the creepy chemistry teacher and number-one Kanima Master suspect du jour. Since he’s got a lovely bit of jailbait in his arms, this looks pretty bad even if Harris is totally innocent of the killings.

NOTE: Mr. Harris is somehow creepier without glasses. I wouldn’t have thought that possible.

Anyway, Matt(?) and Allison have a heart-to-heart about how things don’t work out. How fitting it is when Matt(?)’s kiss is not accepted by Allison. She runs off to make a call (and then falls into scary old Grandpa Gerard’s arms), leaving Matt(?) to ponder his next stalker move.

Meanwhile in a Conveniently Located Meat Locker…

Every rave should have a convenient meat locker.

Stiles, Erika and Isaac use this rave’s meat locker to begin their interrogation of Jackson. Or is it Jackson? Jackson answers questions in a weird, demonic-possession voice. And refers to himself in the plural. Does this plural refer to the Kanima Master and Jackson? Are there multiple masters?

We don’t find that out. We do find out that the Master thinks that all of his/her victims were his/her murderers. I have no idea how that would work. The details are left ambiguous in favor of crossed eyes and then evil eyes on Jackson.

Who then escapes as the kanima. So much for that plan.

Why You Never Let Her Mother Find Out About the Sex

Scott’s runs out of the rave to salvage his plan. Alas, Mrs. Argent, her car and her drug paraphernalia have other ideas. Allison’s mom gleefully explains her plans to kill Scott with a bong and some wolfsbane.

The idea is for Scott’s death look like an asthma attack. Remember when Scott had asthma back in the first episode of Teen Wolf? It’s kind of awesome that the writers remember that too. Because death by allergy attack is the classic “perfect murder.” We would expect nothing less than this from Mrs. Argent.

The result of the wolfsbane is a crawling, wolfed-out and howling Scott. This makes Mrs. Argent gloat with pure psychotic ecstasy.

You Want Plot Twists? We Got Plot Twists!

She probably should have avoided the gloating. Scott’s howl calls Derek, who runs to Scott’s aid (unfortunately ruining Stiles’ otherwise totally effective magic circle). Strobe lighting, blood and an odd chomping sound highlight the fight that follows.

Derek seems to be the victor. Mrs. Argent escapes, and Derek carries Scott to the Vet.

Where we get another twist. Having just patched up Scott (with Derek looking on with very adorable concern), the Vet finds the Guidance Counselor/French Teacher waiting for him. Of course she’s involved! The lady is a little concerned that the Vet hasn’t warned all of the stupid teens about “something” that’s coming. Uh oh…

They don’t need a new something back at the rave. Jackson the kanima finally reaches his Random Rave Girl. One quick slash to the neck, and Kara goes down. Of course no one notices this, what with all the loud music and glowsticks and all.

The aftermath of this event draws Former Sheriff Stilinski to the scene for some reason. But she’s not on the chemistry-class list. Was the theory wrong?

Mrs. Argent finds her husband and collapses in his arms. We can almost feel sorry for the psycho lady as she gasps and looks fondly at her husband. Almost. This is the woman who just gleefully inflicted slow attempted murder on her daughter’s ex-boyfriend after all.

But what is this horrible injury that brings tears from both husband and wife?

Derek has bitten Mrs. Argent. Will the hunter become the hunted?

Were you surprised that Mrs. Argent was bitten? Will she die or turn into a werewolf? How kickass a werewolf would she be? Oh, and who the heck is controlling the kanima? And why?

Maybe we’ll find out next week. Until then, share your thoughts, theories and comments below!

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