Supernatural is a big deal at Comic-Con. And Jensen Ackles is a big deal to Supernatural. Of course we had to talk to him while in San Diego! Check out this video interview with the Supernatural star.

WARNING: Jensen Ackles is cagey with a few thing, but he does manage to give away a few Supernatural season 8 spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Due to technical difficulties, this interview must be presented in two parts. Check out the first part here.

  • Sorry about the shaky camera work. And about the break in the middle. I blame the camera.
  • He’s right about the length of night in the summer in Vancouver. You start to think that night doesn’t exist after awhile.
  • Jensen Ackles will be directing an episode that introduces flashbacks (mostly to the time that Dean was in Purgatory).
  • So Dean will be in Purgatory for a full year? That’s no fun.
  • It sounds like the Supernatural season 8 premiere will initially pick up a full year after the season 7 finale.
  • No rose-smelling for Dean.
  • If Dean’s purpose in life is to be in his car, they’d better bring the car back.

When the video cut out, Jensen Ackles was about to explain how Sam wanted to achieve some measure of normalcy in his life, in contrast to Dean.

The interview continues here.

  • It is good for Dean to have a purpose. He has seemed to be lacking that for awhile.
  • Yes, I know the top of Jensen’s head got cut off. He moved.
  • The flashbacks in upcoming episodes will not be like those in the earlier episode that Jensen Ackles directed.
  • Smelling roses does sound like more fun than hanging out in Purgatory.
  • It’s nice to know that the Supernatural writers are providing lots of back-story for their characters.

And that’s it for the Supernatural interview with Jensen Ackles at Comic-Con. But there’s more to come look for videos featuring Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver and more in the coming days!

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