I think True Blood is picking up where Game of Thrones left off. This week the show executes one of the major characters of the season, someone who appears in the opening credits. And it was damn shocking.

Capturing Russell

Despite Russell’s werewolves he is still captured by Bill and Eric and quickly taken into custody by the Authority. Bill and Eric are rewarded by having their iStakes removed (by Molly, who continues to be one of my favorite new characters).

At HQ Roman applauds them and says that he will execute Russell that night. Salome is a bit uneasy about this, essentially confirming my theory that she’s the one who released Russell.

The big moment comes and Roman gives a grand speech before hitting the button on Russell’s iStake, but nothing happens. Is Molly in on it? I hope so. But there’s no time to think about that because Russell rises up, grabs Roman and kills him.

Yes, after just six episodes, Christopher Meloni‘s character is dead. Who saw that coming? Not me, that’s for sure.

Sookie and the Fairies

After the asylum Sookie meets up with Jason and he tells her all about how a vampire killed their parents and the fairy club. Jason takes her there and once again we get to see the awesome, hedonistic palace of the fairy night club where a fairy guy hits on Jason.

They bump into Claude (the newer, less methy Claude) who fills Sookie in on what happened to her parents. A vampire stopped their car on the bridge because he smelled Sookie’s delicious fairy blood on a band-aid in the backseat. So let’s start taking bets on who it is. Eric? Bill? Russell?

Alcide and the Pack

After the asylum Alcide gets angry that his old pack was back on V and working for Russell, so he goes to J.D. and challenges him to be the Packmaster. Sorry dude, but Alcide is totally gonna kick your ass in whatever challenge werewolf packs have.

Who Shot Sam?

Despite my strong wishes, Sam and Luna survived the attack from last week. They’re rushed to the hospital where Martha shows up with Emma, because the adorable little werewolf ran to her grandma’s house.

Sam goes off with Andy to track down the human shooters who worn Obama masks. They go to the weapons store Sookie went to earlier this season run by Frank from Raising Hope. Sam quickly figures out he was one of the guys who shot him and Luna and uses a crossbow to kill him and save Andy’s life.

Unfortunately the other Obama Mask Guys are on the hunt and kill a vampire who’s sucking Hoyt. They recognize him and drag him into their van.

Jesus Loves the Gays

Lafayette visits his mama who tells gim that Jesus came to her and said he needs help because he’s trapped with that creepy old dude who made him drink goat’s blood. The only good thing to come out of this pointless scene is that it made Terry’s subplot seem less useless for once.

On the Run from the Fire Monster

Finally, after the ifrit kills Eller it pops up and reveals itself to Patrick, who can’t deny its existence any more. Patrick and Terry hit the road, but Terry has a mental breakdown, He’s in full “Game over, man!” territory, lamenting that he’s cursed and he deserves to die because he did something evil. He even tells this to Arlene and tries to leave her. Let him, Arlene, you’ll be better off.

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