Last season ABC brought a little magic into our living rooms every Sunday. Then, in the Once Upon a Time season finale, magic was brought to Storybrooke. And with magic comes consequence.

Today’s Comic-Con panel will revisit season one as well as tease and reveal spoilers to next season. And I mean spoilers so read ahead at your own risk.

Who’s Here?
Ginnifer Goodwin (Mary Margaret)
Jennifer Morrison (Emma)
Laura Parrilla (Regina)
Josh Dallas (David)
Emilie de Ravin (Belle) Who was recently promoted to series regular.
Meghan Ory (Ruby) Also now a series regular.
Edward Kitsis (Co-creator and executive producer)
Adam Horowitz (Co-creator and executive producer)

Characters Coming to Season 2
The panel began with a sneak peek video of all the Once Upon a Time title sequences from season one with a few new ones with hints to characters to come. Three stories revealed in fact! Mulan, Jack and the Beanstalk and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

When will we see them? Kitsis and Horowitz insist soon! And how will we meet them? Through the other characters we already know.

Speaking of Sleeping Beauty, what about Maleficent? We all assumed she died but as Kitsis and Horowitz were quick to point out, we never saw the body. So who knows, maybe Aurora will have some company.

Dr. Whale currently does not have a character but it was revealed at the Comic-Con panel that he will have one early on in the season.

Henry’s father will also be revealed sometime during season 2. However, we don’t know if we’ve met him yet or not.

Speaking of Henry, at the end of panel we saw a clip from season 2. Henry warns that just because the curse is broken bad things are still happening. We see Mr. Gold’s store and someone breaking in. Spins a globe, looks at a ticking clock and then smashes his hook into the glass. That’s right! Captain Hook is coming. Enough teasing, take a look:

Breaking the Curse
It was all thought that after the curse was broken everyone would go back and Storybrooke would be gone. Obviously with the premiere of season 2 we will find out exactly what will happen. Or more importantly what will happen to their Storybrooke identity? We saw Mary Margaret and David yell Snow and Charming at the end.

The characters will need to learn how to blend both identities. Their memories do not disappear. Ginnifer Goodwin mentioned that as one of the biggest challenges as an actor going into season 2. But having seen the next two scripts promises that as a viewer of Once Upon a Time we will get exactly what we want.

Goodwin also told a fun story about filming the final scenes. When shouting “Snow” and “Charming” the actors tried to name up names and sounds that looked like they were saying the names because there were several fans standing around while on location and she didn’t want to spoil the surprise. It can be dubbed in later.

The writers were clear, Once Upon a Time season 2 will be the same show we know and love. We will still get to see characters both in fantasy and in Storybrooke. 

Emma’s Backstory
Jennifer Morrison has known who Henry’s father is from the pilot because it was important to developing her character. Unfortunately we couldn’t trick her into telling us who it was.

Will we get to meet her foster parents? Not sure. But Morrison would like to because she finds it significant but she’s only seen the first two scripts of the season. Possibly in flashbacks.

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Behind the Scenes
No stunt doubles are used while filming. When we see Regina and Emma going at it, it’s real. Both actresses were clear that they don’t hurt each other, just themselves. And they are rather proud of them!

In the third episode Goodwin actually had to go to the ER for stitches and come back to work.

Ruby’s red streaks are clip-ins

Belle’s yellow dress was basically a wedding dress and was completed in about 3 days.

Comic-Con video: Here are the title sequences we got to see:

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