Everybody’s back for Comic-Con! This year’s Supernatural panel promises to bring exclusive video of series highlights, special features from the upcoming season seven DVD, obviously some Q&A and hopefully more spoilers. So lets get to it.

Who’s Here?
Jared Padalecki (Sam)
Jensen Ackles (Dean)
Misha Collins (Castiel)
Jim Beaver (Bobby)
Mark A. Sheppard (Crowley)
Jeremy Carver (Executive producer)
Ben Edlund (Consulting producer)

Dean’s in purgatory which Ackles described as “diet hell.” From a man who has been in Hell, it’s a fair point. No one would say when he is getting out or how. One thing is for sure, like Hell, he can’t stay there forever.

What happened in purgatory will be shown throughout the season in the form of flashbacks.

More Season 8 Spoilers:
Jared Padalecki confirmed what we already know, Sam gets a love interest this season or as he puts it, “getting some action.” Then added that a few years ago Carver told him that he loved seeing him with his shirt off. Will there be romance for Dean? Ackles said the only romance Dean has ever had is with his car.

The brothers being separated has had an impact and the baggage will be carried with them. The things that happened while apart will be very important and they’ll need to come to terms with it.

When will we see Castiel again? What about Bobby? The theme of the panel quickly became “anything can happen.” Misha Collins joked that Cas went out for beer and will be back shortly.

Mark A. Sheppard is waiting for season eight to be called “Oh Crowley.” He is what happens when people aren’t paying attention. This season he and the boys are after the same thing so that could be a problem. Ben Edlund added that Crowley “may be a titanic of an issue.”

The episode that Ackles is directing this season is a one-off episode. It’s also heavy on the blood.

This season will pull back on the heavy mythology which opens Supernatural up to new areas. One overarching mythological focus will hopefully last all season and maybe more.

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