In this episode of Teen Wolf, “Codominance,” Noshiko takes drastic measures to save Kira from herself, Scott and Stiles take a road trip hoping to rescue Kira from a group of nasty shapeshifters, and Theo comes face-to-face with The Beast.

Kira’s mother has taken her daughter to the desert in New Mexico to battle Skinwalkers, a group of very powerful shapeshifters who also happen to be incredibly hot despite their ratchet hair and heavy makeup.

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The Skinwalkers

Kira engages in some impressive swordplay but is bested and winds up pinned to a rock by a spear. They sense she is afraid, not of them but for herself. Noshiko asks if they can help her. They say they’ll give it the old college try, but if they can’t, Kira will stay and become one of them, which basically entails walking in the dust under the sun forever.

Scott Turns His Back on Liam

Back in Beacon Hills, Liam finally faces Scott. He informs his Alpha that the Chimeras are alive and somewhat well. He also lets Scott know that Theo is the one who brought them back and now they are one big, happy pack. Scott already knows and he doesn’t have time to chat, but when Liam says Hayden is one of them, it stops Scott in his tracks. He asks Liam if she’s okay, and Liam admits that his girlfriend is alive but not necessarily okay.

Scott, having learned from Kira’s dad that she’s in a place called Shiprock, is on his way to bring her back. Liam wants to help, but Scott isn’t exactly ready to forgive and forget, so he tells the werewolf boy wonder to stay put and do nothing.

Stiles is outside trying to get the old Jeep up and running, and Scott tells him that Liam wants to help. Stiles encourages Scott to make Liam more of a priority. He is the only other actual werewolf and Scott’s Beta. If you want to get the band back together, you don’t leave out the drummer. You’d think Scott might consider taking his friend’s advice and letting Liam come on their road trip, but they take off and leave the kid behind.

The Beast of Gevaudan

Theo and Tracy are chasing down The Beast. They aren’t trying to catch it, not yet anyway. Like all the things that go bump in the night in Beacon Hills, The Beast is hanging out at the high school. Tracy and Theo spot the words “Damnatio Memoriae” on some lockers. Theo figures the Dread Doctors are trying to get their creation to remember what it once was.

Tracy is interested in the teenager underneath, but Theo says the Dread Doctors don’t care. They needed a body because they couldn’t resurrect The Beast out of thin air, and the kid underneath is just a side effect.

Tracy questions what happens when The Beast of Gevaudan remembers what it is. Ah, somebody’s been doing their homework.

Theo doesn’t know what the future holds, but he is certain that the creature doesn’t even know it turns back into a human during the day.

Tracy tells Theo she read that The Beast killed 113 people, but Theo says the number is closer to 500.

The Doctors show up, knock Tracy out and tell Theo to leave; he’s got his pack. But Theo isn’t satisfied because he’s not really an Alpha. His eyes don’t have that lovely red glow. Technically, he’s not even a real werewolf.

In the midst of this little family squabble, The Beast makes his big entrance. The thing is as terrifying as an MTV budget will allow. In the case of Teen Wolf, less is usually more. The Beast looks like low-budget CGI. It’s snarling and caring a human head, which seems to scare the shit out of Theo and Tracy who has regained consciousness. But the Doctors and their super-sized killing machine vanish into thin air, and Tracy and Theo are left unharmed. One thing is certain: Scott is going to need a bigger boat.

Kira’s Future Looks Decidedly Bleak

The Skinwalkers have given Kira a time-out to nurse her wound, but Noshiko says they will test her that night. Kira asks if they’ve mentioned fixing her, to which her mother responds, “They have their methods.”

Kira discovers that this won’t be a speedy recovery. It could take months, even years. Kira isn’t thrilled at the time commitment, but Noshiko reminds her daughter that she’s a Kitsune; she’s got centuries. Not a huge comfort when you’ve got a smoking hot boyfriend waiting for you. This kind of long-distance relationship isn’t ideal.

Kira’s mother reminds her daughter that she’s got bigger problems than boy trouble. If Kira can’t get her dark side under control, it will consume her, and that’s apparently not a good thing.

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The Forgotten Monster

On their way to New Mexico, Scott does a little light reading. Damnatio memoriae was a practice first used by the Romans. If someone was deemed a traitor — or, for Teen Wolf purposes, damned — the Senate would erase them from history by destroying any documents bearing their name or statues with their visage.

In 1598, the practice was used for a serial killer known as the “Demon Tailor,” who liked to eat small children. To this day, nobody knows his real name.

The Dread Doctors resurrected a killer so foul, he had to be erased from history, a killer who became a werewolf. Yikes.

After discussing demented serial killers, Scott tells Stiles that he thinks Malia has found her mother. Scott says Braeden is helping Malia plan something she doesn’t want to tell them about, and Scott’s chemosignals tell him that Malia’s planning to kill her mother.

Kiss and Tell

Scott should have taken young pup Liam along because he’s struggling to stay out of trouble. After Liam spots Hayden with Theo, Mason has to talk him off the ledge by reminding Liam of his promise to his Alpha.

Liam may have to exercise some self-control, but that doesn’t stop him from questioning Hayden as to why she’s hanging out with a complete psychopath. Hayden reminds Liam that Theo brought her back to life, and she’d prefer not to die again.

Also, Corey and Mason are still drawn to each other. Mason seems to like those bad boys. He refuses to date Corey but still engages in some face sucking in the locker room.

Corey tries to reassure Mason that Theo is looking out for all of them. Corey questions if Theo is looking for the last Chimera. Oh, Mason. That’s sooo two episodes ago. Corey informs Mason that Theo calls the insidious presence that promises to kill them all ‘The Beast.’

Kira Faces Down Her Demons

Kira heals and is good to go. Time for her to take the tests the Skinwalkers have for her. Think Divergent meets The Hunger Games with some Clan of the Cave Bear and Buffy the Vampire Slayer thrown in for good measure.

It looks like Kira passes with flying colors, which is a good thing since her boyfriend decided to work out all his issues with his bestie instead of coming to her rescue. Obviously, Kira’s a bad-ass who doesn’t need anyone to rescue her, and it was time for Stiles and Scott to resume their bromance. Scott shouldn’t have believed Theo, Scott knows Stiles acted in self-defense, Scott feels bad that his friends are always in danger and it’s his fault, blah, blah, blah.

But just as Kira thinks she’s heading home, the Skinwalkers reveal that she didn’t pass the test; The Fox did. Kira yields the sword, but The Fox yields her. Kira asks what the hell that’s supposed to mean, and the Skinwalkers says she has no control, no hope, without them. They decree that she will stay and become one of them.

Mommy was down with this plan at first if it meant Kira would live, but she’s had a change of heart. If the Skinwalkers want Kira, they’ll have to go through Noshiko to get her. Oh, and a werewolf, because Scott and Stiles finally arrive. The whole gang piles into the Jeep and takes off.

Unlikely Allies and a Blast from the Past

Scott arrives home and finds out that his mini-me and Mason have found out that Theo is searching for a blind Alpha, Deucalion. Corey kisses and tells.

Lydia’s subconscious is still wandering around getting cryptic advice from Meredith, while her body remains in a catatonic state.

Malia kicks the crap out of Theo, but he promises he can help her find Deaton. All she has to do is put her trust in him and the Dread Doctors.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.

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