After a month long break The Flash season 2 returns Tuesday with new episodes. In anticipation of the show’s return The CW has released a new extended trailer that shows scenes from the newest episode “Potential Energy” and the rest of the season. Though things are cut together in typical quick, trailer fashion there are more than a few tantalizing hints dropped about what’s to follow in the rest of season.

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The biggest things are rather obvious. We are given our best look yet at Killer Frost and Deathstorm. There are also a couple peeks at Wally West interacting with his dad, Joe. Zoom is seen capturing Patty right in front of Barry. There are also some glimpses of the Reverse Flash’s return. All of this looks pretty exciting and interesting. Especially Killer Frost, I’m so ready to see Caitlin interact with her evil “twin”. 

However a lot of this was known or had been shown in previous trailers. The most intriguing part of the new trailer is what is hinted at but not directly shown. It appears that a trip to Earth-2 is in the team’s future. Jay Garrick can be heard telling Cisco and Barry how they are going to experience something very different and very unnerving. Cisco and Barry are also shown in front of the gigantic portal that exists in STAR Labs basement. We also see what appears to be an Earth-2 version of Barry and Iris in a very non-platonic moment. 

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These new tidbits of information sends my brain into overactive theory mode. The apparent trip should have something to do with Zoom but what is the context? Has Harry come clean with Team Flash and told them Zoom is holding his daughter captive? Harry is standing right besides Barry and Cisco and Joe is shown punching him later in the trailer. Is he still playing both sides and about to betray Barry, somehow trapping him in Earth-2? Or is it completely unrelated to Harry and his captured daughter?

What do you think? What are you most excited about from the trailer? Do you want to see Killer Frost or Wally West more? Do you think Harry is still a double agent? Why are Harry, Barry and Cisco going to Earth-2? Will Barry be able to finish his fight with the Reverse Flash as he claims in the trailer? 

The Flash season 2 airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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