It’s a season of returning faces on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Gerard Argent and Meredith have already made a reappearance. Deucalion is coming, based on the 5B trailer. Crystal Reed is returning as a new character from the Argent family history. All this has us wondering — who else should return on Teen Wolf. Here’s a list for the 7 characters from Teen Wolf past we’d like to see again.

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Kate Argent

Kate’s return was the exciting (albeit terrifying) salve after Allison’s death. Kate was one of Teen Wolf‘s best villains and her “death” in season 1 seemed way too premature. So it was majorly disappointing when Teen Wolf did nothing with her big return in season 4. There were a couple of good scenes, but she was mostly under Peter’s thumb. Kate ended the season running away like a scared and scarred werejaguar. Teen Wolf needs to bring Kate back again and restore her to her former glory. 

Peter Hale

Maybe Teen Wolf used Peter a bit too much. Maybe there was no use for the uncle once his nephew Derek left the show. Maybe both are true. It doesn’t change the fact that since Teen Wolf locked Peter up in Eichen House, the show has been missing something. Teen Wolf shouldn’t promote Peter back up to regular status but at least a recurring visit to Eichen House might be nice. Just one more scene where we can see Peter deliver that evil manipulative dialogue that he does oh so well. 

Derek Hale

After season 1, Derek basically existed on Teen Wolf to take off his shirt and scowl. He was rudderless and had very little purpose on the show. Yet at the end of season 4, something extraordinary happened with Derek. He evolved into a new kind of werewolf. Finally Derek had a story of his own on Teen Wolf….and then Tyler Hoechlin left the show. All that build up ended with nothing as none of the characters seem to remember or acknowledge Derek’s existence on the show. If for nothing else, Derek has to be brought back for closure. Derek also won’t be the last character on the list to have an interesting story idea introduced only to disappear.

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Jackson Whittemore

Teen Wolf season 2 was really all about Jackson. Jackson’s desire to become a werewolf and unknowingly becoming the monstrous kanima were the driving forces of the season. It all culminated in a (nauseating) display of true love as Lydia brought Jackson back to human form and he finally became a werewolf. Then Colton Haynes left the show, Jackson moved to London in a throwaway line and everyone forgot he existed. If Colton Haynes can leave and return to Arrow, he should be able to return to Teen Wolf

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Ms. Morrell

There are pretty much an endless number of questions to be answered about Ms. Morrell. After all her years as recurring presence on Teen Wolf we only found out a couple things about her. She is Deacon’s sister and was also a Druid Emissary. We don’t even know her first name. Secrets are apparently a family trait because Deacon is just as cryptic, but he was at least around more. Ms. Morrell’s shaky status as friend or foe to the wolf pack always made her more compelling. She’s still in Beacon Hills, unlike her brother, and should be shown sooner rather than later. Maybe some questions will finally get answered about her and her past.

Agent McCall

Granted Scott’s dad wasn’t the most interesting of characters. He was only important in how he related to other characters because he was so out of the loop. Like the majority of characters on this list though, Agent McCall exited the series with a huge plot point dangling. He had finally figured out that there was something more going on in Beacon Hills and wanted to talk to Scott about it after he came back from San Francisco. A year later, we and Scott are still waiting for him to return. It’s time. 

Danny Mahealani 

Though he was always on the lacrosse team it was always kind of bizarre that Danny was on Teen Wolf after Jackson moved away. Danny was Jackson’s best friend and that seemed to be his only reason for being involved in anything. Without Jackson, Danny existed as a glorified extra, getting caught up in the wildness of Beacon Hills and being seemingly oblivious. It was discovered in his final episode that Danny wasn’t clueless. He had known all along that there werewolves and all sorts of supernatural creatures in the town. It was a stunning revelation that went nowhere. After that season finale episode, Danny disappeared. Presumably he graduated from high school but it was never confirmed or even mentioned in passing by any of the characters.  

But what do you think? Do you want to see any of these characters? Who do you want to see most? Is there any one from the list that you never want to see again? Do you think it’s possible that any of them will return?

Teen Wolf season 5B airs Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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