The crew goes on the hunt for monkeys, but ends up with a new quarry in this episode of The Last Ship, titled “El Toro.”

A big theme in this series has been helping the many in order to do a greater good, even if it ends up harming people in the short-term. What I liked about this episode was that, though Tom and his crew had to harm some people for the greater good, they also helped those they could, too. 

Sometimes the Greater Good Sucks

After Rachel announced that she had a prototype of the virus ready to test, the crew headed to Costa Rica to get her some monkeys. It wasn’t the best solution, but as one of the crew pointed out, it was better than testing the vaccine on humans. 

When they get to shore, the group was immediately bombarded by sick people begging them for help. With no cure, there was nothing they could do but throw on their masks run away. Tom made the right decision, though I’m sure his heart didn’t like it at all. 

Monkey, It’s What’s for Dinner

After wisely deciding to send Rachel back to the ship, Tom and the rest of the group went on in search of monkeys. What they found instead was a dictatorship being run by an ex-drug runner named “El Toro.” After his yacht got shipwrecked, El Toro moved his entire operation onto dry land and completely took over. The people slept in filthy tents while he still managed to have some luxury. He told Tom and the other crew members that he provided his people with protection, but Mike called it what it really was: Slavery. 

Tom discovered El Toro’s people after Mason got himself poisoned by a trap. El Toro offered to cure the man and even asked them back to his place to dine on monkey. Of course they didn’t know it was monkey at first and I did enjoy the expression on Mike’s face when he realized what he’d just had for dinner. But all of El Toro’s kindnesses came with a price and he wanted them to leave their weapons in exchange for the assistance. 

A New Hunt Begins

While in the camp, the men can’t help but to observe just how despicable El Toro was. Beyond just keeping the people as his personal slaves, he was also treating the women — especially the young ones — as his personal sex toys. I wanted to punch Delgado for not standing up for his daughter when she called El Toro the pig he was, but I also understood that he was just trying to keep all of them safe. 

Tom only wanted to get out safely with their monkeys and while I understood that, it was also frustrating to see them leaving El Toro there to continue torturing those people. So I was very happy when this week’s cheer-worthy moment was when Mike refused to leave and Tom finally declared the hunt was on for a new quarry: El Toro. 

After watching them have to leave the sick people, it was such a relief to see them kick a little ass and take El Toro down. Though the best part was watching Delgado finally grow a set of balls and kill the dictator himself. It wasn’t much of a triumph, as evidenced by the fact that they had to pass the dying people on their way home, but it was something. Sometimes you have to win the little battles to keep you going so that you can keep fighting the war. 

My favorite bits:

Tex: “I think you underestimate people’s capacity for forgiveness.”

Tom’s message to his wife. 

Mike’s imitation of Rachel. Not bad at all. 

The song used as they headed to the shore. Unusual choice, but it did fit the mood. 

Rachel: “Hit a soft spot, did I?” 

Tex: “I’m two percent body fat, honey, there’s no soft spot to hit.”

Tom warning Mason that opening the trap was going to hurt. Well, at least he didn’t lie. 

Mike: “I don’t suppose this guy’s familiar with what a Tomahawk missile can do?

Mike telling El Toro that his version of “protection” sounded a lot like slavery. No kidding.

The look on Mike’s face when he realized he’d just eaten monkey for dinner. Ha!

Rachel waking up certain that something was wrong. Interesting. 

Mike declaring that he didn’t care if it was their mission or not, they couldn’t leave those people like that. Yes!

Jeter: “Gentlemen, let’s keep our heads cool. This is not the mission at hand.” 

Danny: “We’re supposed to be saving the world. Shouldn’t it be worth saving?”

Wanting to stand up and cheer when Tom said they’d come to hunt. 

The way Mike and Tom took out those first two guards. 

Danny ordering the guard to “Go to sleep” as he took him down. Nice!

Cracking up when El Toro suggested he was going to be a prisoner on the ship, and then gasping when Delgado took El Toro out himself. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Tom: “This place is yours now.” 

Delgado: “Not mine. Ours.”

What did you think of this episode of The Last Ship? Were you happy when they went back to take down El Toro?

The Last Ship airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on TNT. 

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Michelle Carlbert

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