Let the feast begin! The feast upon Cochran’s self-esteem, that is. Hell hath no fury like an alliance scorned, and the former Savaii alliance is feeling pretty darn scorned. Ozzy takes Cochran aside and asks him what’s up. It’s time for Cochran to explain himself, which he doesn’t do super successfully.

As they chat, Brandon steps up to defend Cochran with his brute strength. Ozzy explains to Brandon that they’re not gangsters and sends him away. Cochran cries self-preservation, and Ozzy calls him a weiner, and Jim calls him a coward. Then, little sweet Whitney tells Cochran, “Keith and ah saved you three tahms … you got a lot to learn, buddy, you disgust me.”

Upolu embraces Cochran, pleased with the ability to start Pagonging Savaii. Savaii has nothing to do but pout, and maybe scramble. Because remember how Brandon is crazy and related to Russell? Let’s not lose focus here.

Ozzy declares himself a free agent once again, because he is without an agenda or strategy. While Keith sits alone at Redemption Island, wondering where goat cheese comes from, Te Tuna has a coconut water immunity challenge.

Dawn is surprisingly good at all these challenges, isn’t she? Dawn, Whitney, Jim, and Sophie move on to the next round for a shot at immunity. Notice that Ozzy is out, which he knows is bad news for him. This coconut cracking element of the challenge was something Cochran could have been pretty good at! He certainly practiced enough. The obstacle course with a mouthful of coconut water, maybe not. So wait, is it coconut water now and not coconut milk? I suppose milk does imply a mammalian quality …

Jim gets close, but not close enough. Sophie has a chance, but vomits up all the coconut water in her mouth mid-obstacle. Gross! Jim wins immunity and is safe to call Cochran a coward another three days or so.

Back at camp, Ozzy is depressed. He doesn’t want to go, and has nothing but humility left. Coach notes that “inspiration is born of desperation,” and has a heart for his fellow returning player. Dawn is thinking about flipping, and Jim is still running his mouth.

Jim suggests that he give Ozzy the necklace, and make a case for voting Cochran out. He’s betting on a wing, a prayer, and a rousing speech. Ozzy is inspired, and contemplates a rainbow on the horizon before going to tribal council.

But was Jim counting on Cochran’s rousing speech? To counteract that, he condemns the Upolu tribe for being less honorable than the Savaii tribe, but Brandon harps on the whole honesty/integrity thing. It’s an honor-off! And if we’re playing for honor, Jim says, you should vote off the one person who has played without it. Cochran is a turncoat! So if you stick up for yourself above your alliances, are you screwed this season?

Ozzy tells them that he can take good care of himself at Redemption Island, and when they have to start voting for each other, things will get funky. Speaking of funky, Jim chooses to keep the necklace. Ozzy’s eating fish tonight.

Ozzy leaves, telling them that they fell for his master plan. To be fair, he will probably get back in the game. He vows to treat the island’s temporary residents really nice, and with that, he ran away into the night.

At Redemption, Keith says, “dude, we got friggin’ betrayed,” and Ozzy declares that the reef is “magnificent.” It’s a Redemption Island bromance for the ages.

It’s time for another immunity challenge. This one is a double balance challenge. And there’s a twist! Whoever doesn’t want immunity can sit it out and feast on baked goods! The Upolu tribe, at Coach’s go, sits down to feast. I can’t believe Cochran decided not to play! That’s pretty weasely. I just think he should be a little more worried still.

Upolu eats their muffins and pastries as loudly as possible, and Brandon says his muffin looks, “redonkulous.” Jim is out first, and very frustrated, as Brandon raises the roof in celebration. Dawn says something about how it’s “really one tribe,” and the Upolu tribe toasts Dawn. They say that she has been great, and begin rooting for Dawn, quite loudly in Brandon’s case.

After a few close calls, Dawn drops her ball and Whitney wins immunity. Albert notes that the tribe seemed “a little too inclusive” with Dawn and he wants to nip that in the bud as soon as possible. It’s “us versus them” thinking that got Boston Rob all the way to the end, so Albert has a point.

Before the vote, Cochran puts on Coach’s hat and embroidered jacket and parades around the camp. Jim calls it the most brilliant third place game ever. Jim will not be outplayed! He approaches Albert and Sophie, who are “not drinking the kool-aid” in on his plan to eliminate Edna. But Albert has plans of his own. He sees the way Dawn is wiggling her way in, and he doesn’t like it.

Albert brings his plan to Sophie, then Brandon and Coach. It’s true, people are starting to like Dawn and root for her. We can’t have that! Dawn must go.

But wait! At tribal council, Brandon shoots off again. He vilifies Dawn for saying she wouldn’t have eaten the food if she had been on the other side of things.

“Either you’re OK that we ate or you’re not … that doesn’t add up to me,” Brandon says, confusingly. Then Whitney cried because she’s not a bad person, and doesn’t like being painted as a bully. Everyone’s a villain in this game, Whitney, especially Brandon though.

It looks like all this talking and planning was for nothing, as Jim is voted to Redemption Island to get in on all that fish Ozzy is catching. Is Albert disappointed? Can Dawn stay around based on charm alone? Or do we just have two episodes to get through until things get interesting again?

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