Last night was the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta, so we lucky viewers finally get to experience the happy limbo that exists while two Housewife series are airing at once. But the housewives aren’t sticking to their own co-stars when starting cat fights any more, now it seems they’re crossing over to start beef with other series cast members.

In the most recent issue of Life & Style, the ladies of Atlanta express their “concern” with the ladies of Beverly Hills being “too skinny.”

“They’re tiny–I feel huge around them,” said NeNe Leakes, who, in all fairness, may feel huge around any normal sized human being due to her Amazon-like frame.

Phaedra Parks, who we saw in last night’s episode comes from a family of curvy women, also added, “I’d love to give them a dozen biscuits with homemade jam and butter.”

Kandi Burruss, recording artist and self-described “Intimate Luxury Specialist,” also said in the interview that women should feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their body size no matter what. “Men like confident women. They aren’t turned on by women with hang-ups who hide themselves in the bedroom,” she said.

Former model Cynthia Bailey also says that she loves to eat. “I like being a curvy size six. I eat to be happy not just to survive.” Calling Cynthia “curvy,” however, may be something of a stretch.

To the naked eye, the wives of Atlanta do seem to be the curviest of the casts. Most of the housewives of Beverley Hills carry their weight in their top halves (ahem, fake breasts). And fans of Atlanta watched Kim eat baked ziti with jalapenos and sour cream and onion chips on last night’s episode because she expressed an importance to “stay healthy” during her pregnancy.

Who knows how the ladies of the Hills would react to these accusations. They would probably take it as complementary.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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Gina Pusateri

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