The Amazing Race is in Africa again this week. But THIS time, someone will be eliminated. And there will be a Double U Turn! A W Turn! Teams spent the night on the beds they carried. Andy and Tommy, who came in first, were in good spirits about it, unlike some of the other teams.

The snowboarders leave first for a bus ride to Salima. Justin and Jennifer leave next, followed by Jeremy and Sandy, and Laurence & Zac. They have $1 for this leg of the race. Ernie and Cindy leave next, and they are keeping an eye on Andy and Tommy, especially with that Double U Turn. Bill and Cathi leave, and Amani & Marcus leave last. They resolve to pay attention to the details.

Cindy isn’t too happy about the crowded bus to Salima. It’s mostly crowded with all the other teams. Amani and Marcus are the only team not on it, and it looks fuller than full, but they get on that 7:00 bus. Marcus marvels at the view from the bus, thankful for what he has back in the states.

Teams get off the bus and a Speed Bump is waiting for Amani and Marcus. The rest of hte teams will take a bike taxi for the Road Block. This means we get to see Jennifer try to ride a bike again. It would be absolutely terrifying, with cars whizzing past and someone riding on the back.

Amani and Marcus have to create a flag with a slide puzzle. Slide puzzles can take forever! Laurence and Sandy are taking a while too, though, and might be going the wrong way. Cathi upsets her bicycle, bless her heart. Cindy wonders why the children aren’t in school, assuming there is a school available to all of them. Cindy is having a hard time.

A crowd has gathered around Amani and Marcus, as they struggle with the slide puzzle. It’s pretty agonizing. Meanwhile, Andy’s bike breaks, which is terrible news. He enlists the help of some locals to fix the bike and they’re on their way again.

Laurence and Sandy work together, but it’s not doing either of them much good. Despite all her complaining, Cindy is the first to receive the clue pointing them toward the Detour. This one is “Dugout” or “Lug Out.” Cute, Phil.

So, they’ll be racing canoes or unloading cargo/people from a boat.  Wow, I would absolutely choose the canoe racing, “Lug Out” looks crazy.

Finally, Amani and Marcus complete the slide puzzle and Marcus hops on a bike, which he has trained for at home. Jennifer gets her money, but has no idea what she’s supposed to do next because Justin has the clue. Augh! She rides up to a more busy street, not even thinking to go back to her teammate and the clue, where she needs to go anyway.

The canoes prove difficult to manage and navigate for Ernie and Cindy, but the snowboarders are doing well because they’re just good at everything. They enjoy the scenery as Ernie and Cindy paddle in circles.

Marcus hauled ass on that bike, and they, perhaps wisely choose Lug Out. Justin stands alone, waiting for Jennifer, who is lost and waiting on another team. But there won’t be another team because she’s the last! She doesn’t want to do the wrong thing, but doing nothing is the wrong thing. Eventually, she decides to try taking the bike back to where she got it (yes! Do that!).

Flustered, Ernie and Cindy opt to use their Express Pass. They’re in first or second place, but I guess they can’t be sure how long it would take to paddle that canoe. Damn those weak arms! It’s wise to use the Express Pass on a Double U-Turn leg so that you can stay ahead and maintain some control.

Andy and Tommy consider jumping into the water because “it looks too fun,” leading me to believe yet again that they aren’t fully aware they are in a race. Bill and Cathi get into the canoe, and they decide sweetly that Cathi should paddle on one side. Then Laurence and Zac get into their canoe, and because they are boat guys by trade, Laurence is a total controlling dick about the whole thing. He never gets tired of yelling. Neither does Jeremy!

“Don’t yell at me!” Sandy cries yet again. Some people just love yelling under pressure! Ernie and Cindy can’t find the location of their next clue, squandering their lead. In the cab, Amani and Marcus declare that now is their time.

“We don’t argue and we don’t blame,” Cathi says of how she and Bill function. It’s definitely working for them, as they paddle along. Jeremy and Sandy, a newer couple, have a different approach to running the Race. Jeremy’s strategy seems to be to yell more and criticize your girlfriend’s technique.

Oh my god, Jennifer is still pedaling! She finally gets back and receives the clue (both of them, actually). Andy and Tommy finish their canoe race and flip into the water, taking all the locals running behind them on the beach. Glorious! They run into Ernie and Cindy, who steal the children back toward the shop and the Double U-Turn.

Ernie and Cindy choose not to U-Turn, even though they could use an iPad to do it! Exciting and high-tech! Andy and Tommy also resist the latest technology, and head for the Pit Stop behind Ernie and Cindy.

Amani and Marcus are having a great time, even as they carry chairs and people across the water. Justin and Jennifer are NOT having a great time, but at least they’re not yelling at each other! That energy has shifted to Jeremy and Sandy.

The “Lug Out” Detour looks just as dreadful as it seemed in the preview. Amani and Marcus are exhausted, and forcing themselves to dig deep.

Andy and Tommy are in an all out race against Ernie and Cindy for that first place finish. It’s incredibly close, as they run across the beach toward Phil. Andy and Tommy sprint ahead for the win, and Ernie declares it was “so mean.” Whatever, Ernie. Andy and Tommy move Ernie aside to catch his breath, and Cindy crawls into the shade, defeated. The Express Pass doesn’t deserve a gift card!

Bill and Cathi check in third. Phil asks them the secret and they say, “communication!” I love them. Amani and Marcus hit the Double U-Turn and opt not to use it. Is anyone going to use those iPads? Laurence and Zac and Jeremy and Sandy will do it!

Laurence and Zac choose to U-Turn Amani and Marcus, but they just left! Useless! If they had used it on Jeremy and Sandy, it would have given Justin and Jennifer a chance! Jeremy and Sandy struggle to find the Jamaican Shop, which will only cause more problems for them. Justin and Jennifer arrive at the canoes, and they’re only halfway through this long day.

Amani and Marcus turned it out and finished fourth. A great comeback! Jeremy and Sandy choose not to U-Turn anybody and head for the Pit Stop, where Laurence is pained to have checked in fifth. Jeremy and Sandy check in sixth, telling Phil they are “trying to work together.” They need to learn from Bill and Cathi!

Justin and Jennifer are the last team to arrive, by far. They are eliminated, and Jennifer feels awful about it. I’m proud of Justin for not yelling at her about it. Good job, guys.

Next week, things are going to get weird, and competitive, in Denmark.

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