Any panel with the Supernatural cast is a big event for fans. There was an extra level of anticipation heading into the long-running series’ San Diego Comic Con 2017 panel however. The rumor was that Supernatural would make a big surprise announcement at their presentation at Hall H. These rumors turned out to amount to very little. Nothing Earth (or Heaven) shattering was revealed but there was still plenty of information dropped about season 13.

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The panel begin with a live performance from Kansas singing Supernatural‘s official unofficial theme song “Carry On Wayward Son.” From there, the panels co-moderators Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict, otherwise known as Gabriel and Chuck/God, came out on stage to introduce the panelists. Executive producer Robert Singer, showrunner Andrew Dabb and stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were all on hand.

Notably missing from the panel was Misha Collins. Singer joked that Castiel’s death in the season 12 finale was a permanent one, explaining that Collins had become a “bit of prima donna” on set. This was undercut by Misha coming out on stage, dragging his own chair. Collins’ arrival prompted the real news that Castiel will be a part of season 13. Everyone’s favorite angel isn’t going anywhere. 

With Castiel’s fate decided the panel then discussed the rest of season 13. The new year will find Dean and Sam at odds quite a bit. The biggest problem plaguing the brothers will be deciding how to handle Jack, Lucifer’s son. Dean is determined that they should kill Jack as he will one day become evil.  Meanwhile Sam will take a much more optimistic view. It will be a “nature vs. nurture” debate. 

Similarly the Winchesters will be torn about their mother. Though Singer confirmed that Mary is alive, Sam and Dean won’t know that when the season begins. Sam will be searching for Mary while Dean is convinced that their mother is, once again, dead. Jack will eventually prove to be the key to getting Mary back. This will cause another issue however as using Jack’s powers could negatively effect humanity. 

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Speaking of the weird dimensions that were introduced in the season 12 finale they will continue to be a big part of season 13. There will be several returning characters in “our” world and the special alternate dimension that saw Bobby come back in the season finale. Rob Benedict jokingly asked if his character or Gabriel would come back but he didn’t receive an answer. Andrew Dabb did tease that “long-dead” characters will return for season 13 from the alternate dimension but they will likely be very different versions from the ones who died from Sam and Dean’s world. 

Dead characters won’t be the only people coming back. Missouri Moseley, a character who hasn’t been seen since season 1, will return in season 13. It is the return of Missouri that will help lead into the backdoor pilot for spin-off Wayward Daughters. The panel confirmed the news reported first by Deadline that Jody, Donna, Alex and Claire will lead the spin-off but they will be joined by a new character named Patience. Patience is the estranged granddaughter of Missouri. 

Other Panel Highlights:

– The trio of actors talked extensively about how much the show means to them personally. Misha revealed a story that the three of them got choked up thinking about a possible series finale where Sam would die. 

– Talking about the impala, Jensen Ackles said, “Baby is not a prop. Baby is a part of me.”

– Jensen’s favorite prop is the angel blade. He played with it constantly and called it “the OG fidget spinner” 

– When asked what fear they would die from if they were infected like in the episode, “Yellow Fever,” Jared jokingly reminded Jensen that his daughter will date one day

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