Still Star-Crossed’s “Hell is Empty and All the Devils Are Here” picks up with Paris finding Rosaline. And we finally find out his and Lady Capulet’s plans. Apparently, he has a pretty dark past he doesn’t want getting out. And he and Lady Capulet have plans for him to become the new Prince of Verona who will help all the peasants rise up. But will it work?

Paris’ Deception

Still Star-Crossed’s “Hell is Empty and All the Devils Are Here” begins with Rosaline being taken to Paris. He claims Prince Escalus sent him to search for her. He asks how she escaped her kidnapper, but she says she left willingly with Benvolio and wants to explain everything to the Prince. Instead, Paris says he’ll take her to her tent and they’ll talk about it privately. That does not sound good.

Still Star-Crossed suddenly flashes back to Lady Capulet seeing Rosaline and Benvolio leaving together. She tells Livia that Benvolio kidnapped Rosaline and Livia screams for help.

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So Lord Capulet and Lord Montague meet with Prince Escalus and Princess Isabella about Rosaline’s alleged kidnapping. Lord Montague still offers to marry Rosaline instead of Benvolio, but Lord Capulet refuses to let him marry her or give back the bride price. Prince Escalus, though, says their only concern should be to get Rosaline back safely and orders the search.

Livia then goes to see Paris, who’s already dressed and getting ready to leave. He says he has to go home to see his father, who thinks he’s dead. Livia tells Paris that Rosaline’s been kidnapped, though, and Paris comforts her. He acts very lovingly and swears to find Rosaline for her. He says he’d do anything for her and kisses her. As they hug, Paris smirks at Lady Capulet, who’s been watching from the shadows. Oh man, he’s playing Livia so hard.

Paris goes to see the Capulets the next day. Lord Capulet’s pissed Paris didn’t go to Juliet’s funeral, but Lady Capulet basically says to get over it. Paris wants to go to the Prince and offer his help searching for Rosaline and Lady Capulet says she still wants him to be a part of their family. Later, Paris and Livia walk alone and he says he needs a story for how they first met for when he asks for her hand in marriage.

Who Will Finish the Cathedral?

A man who works for Lord Capulet tells him that he saw workers in the Cathedral. Turns out, Lord Montague has been working on the Cathedral. Lord Capulet’s pissed and storms over to confront him, but Lord Montague says that his family’s the one that will be finishing the Cathedral and there’s nothing he can do about it. 

Later, Lord Capulet visits Juliet’s body and talks about how his grandfather started building the Cathedral for all the Capulets to come. When it was his turn to build it, though, he only built it for one person: her. He built it for her to get married in. He thinks her ghost came to warn him about the Cathedral, so he promises he’ll get the Cathedral back.

Lord Capulet later goes to see a former employee and repays him the back wages he owes him. Then he tells him he has a side job for him.

Tessa is worried that Rosaline’s alleged kidnapping will ruin the family name, but Lord Montague says completing the Cathedral will fix that. The problem? Someone’s gone in and destroyed the work he’s done on the Cathedral. So that was Lord Capulet’s side project.

Because of the murder and now the destruction, one of Lord Montague’s workers claims there’s a curse and refuses to keep working on the Cathedral. So Lord Montague demands to see Prince Escalus, but he’s busy. Of course, Lord Capulet shows up to gloat and Lord Montague calls him a coward who hides behind his name. Soon a fight between their guards breaks out.

Prince Escalus listens to the two men bicker and he’s had enough. He says Lord Capulet’s guard will be put in the stocks for a fortnight because he killed a guard. Lord Montague leaves and Lord Capulet asks if there’s been any word about Rosaline, but there hasn’t.

Lord Capulet then goes back to Juliet and says they’ll get the Cathedral back. He thanks her for her warning, but then he sees her ghost again! And she tells him, yet again, to “beware.”

So Lord Capulet starts getting increasingly paranoid. He talks to one of his men and says they need to increase security at his house. Meanwhile, Lord Montague sees that Lord Capulet has ordered some statues for the Cathedral and orders to have them destroyed. But he suddenly has an idea and decides to keep them.

He uses the Virgin Mary statue Lord Capulet had made and made it look like she was crying blood, so a bunch of people thought it was a miracle and went to pray there. Afterwards, Tessa announces she’s going to the Palace and that she’ll tell them about the miracle.

Lady Capulet’s Master Plan Is Revealed

Paris goes to see Prince Escalus, who tells him about the problems with the Capulets and Montagues. He wants to hunt Benvolio down and save Rosaline, but Paris says a ruler can’t abandon his people. Still, Escalus is determined to go.

Paris goes to Lady Capulet and says that Prince Escalus refused his offer for help, but she says he has to convince him. “How much blood would you have me shed?” he asks. Finally, she reveals her plan. She wants him to marry her niece Livia so their families can unite and he can take over Verona from Prince Escalus and they’ll rule the city.

So Paris covers himself with a hood and murders a bunch of people Prince Escalus had ordered to be brought in for questioning. This convinces Prince Escalus he can’t leave the city and he winds up sending Paris on the search instead.

Livia goes to wish Paris good luck and he promises to bring Rosaline back and kisses her. Before he leaves, Lady Capulet tells Paris to kill both Benvolio and Rosaline. “She should never have let that Juliet marry that Montague,” she says.

Later, a man shows up in Lady Capulet’s room. He knows about her plans with Paris tries to blackmail her, demanding money she apparently owes him. She says that Paris will be a generous Prince and that his kids will be Lords and Ladies. His peasant family will get what its owed because the new prince is coming.

Livia, meanwhile, tells another servant that Paris has proposed to her. The servant says there are too many secrets in this house, but she promises not to say anything.

Prince Escalus Takes Matters into his Own Hands

Lady Capulet sends a servant to give Prince Escalus a letter even though Lord Capulet says it’s too dangerous outside. And it is dangerous out there. The man who blackmailed her is chased through the streets and is accused of being the mysterious killer terrorizing Verona. The man says he belongs to a huge group of peasants that are waiting for the new Prince. Prince Escalus orders he be executed for treason while he screams, “The new Prince is coming.”

Unnerved, Prince Escalus declares he’s “the one and only Prince” and that it’s his job to find Rosaline, so he sets off to find her.

Who Is the Real Paris?

Benvolio overhears Prince Escalus showing up while Rosaline is inside talking with Paris. Paris says she should trust him and that he and Livia have fallen in love. She freaks out and tries to storm out, but he stops her.

At the same time, the servant tells Lady Capulet about Paris manipulating Livia, but she knows. The servant is appalled and says Lady Capulet knows what Paris is really like. She threatens to tell Lord Capulet, but she threatens her.

Rosaline apparently knows what Paris is really like too. Paris tells her that he’ll kill her and frame Benvolio for her death unless she tells him what she knows about him. He tries to convince her that Prince Escalus is a bad leader. He made her get engaged to a Montague, after all. But Paris is interrupted because the horses have gotten free.

While Paris is out dealing with things, Benvolio tries to sneak over to help Rosaline, but Prince Escalus gets to him first and hold his sword to his neck. Benvolio swears he’s innocent and that Paris has Rosaline. Paris shows up, though, and says he saved Rosaline and has Benvolio taken away. Paris promises to bring Rosaline out.

So Paris goes to the tent and says Escalus is there. He unties her and tells her he she has to say she was kidnapped and he rescued her. Right now, he and his men outnumber everyone there. So if she doesn’t do what he wants, he’ll kill her, the Prince, and Benvolio. And he has spies everywhere, even at the Palace. So if she says anything when they get home, he’ll hurt Livia.

So Livia goes out and sees Benvolio tied up, but she still tells Prince Escalus that Benvolio kidnapped her. Paris says Benvolio calls himself “the new Prince of Verona,” and Rosaline says it’s true. Things are not looking good for Benvolio.

Will Juliet Visit her Mother?

Despite the “killer” being found, Lord Capulet still has the house on high security. Lady Capulet hates being locked up and says he treats her like an object, but he yells at her because she loved his brother and used him to become a Lady. But he admits the guards are in place because they need to beware of something. He finally confesses that he saw Juliet’s ghost and she warned him to “beware.” Lady Capulet accuses him of losing his mind.

So Lord Capulet goes to the Cathedral, but his worker says war is coming with the Montagues. “Then let it be war,” he says as a fire starts.

Lady Capulet, meanwhile, goes to visit Juliet and begs her to reveal herself. Suddenly, all the lights go out.

Do you think Juliet will visit Lady Capulet? Will Rosaline save Benvolio? And what’s hiding in Paris’ past? Leave your comments below!

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