This week’s Supernatural is all about things coming down from Heaven, and I’m not talking about Jared Padalecki’s body. Well, maybe I am a little bit.

But other than a very appealing scene of Sam’s shirtless workout following a night of passionate sex with a prostitute, Supernatural offered its first great episode of season 6 in my opinion, thanks largely to Castiel. I’m OK with the angel storyline taking a backseat, but not at the expense of Misha Collins. He brings bad-ass action and hilarious comedy, both of which are key aspects of Supernatural.

In “The Third Man,” Heaven’s weapons have been stolen, resulting in the plagues attacking people in some of the most disgusting scenes the show has ever done. I’ll be happy if I never see locusts burrowing out of a man’s head again.

Cas returns because his pal Balthazar is buying souls in exchange for the Heavenly weapons he stole. The archangel Raphael wants the weapons to take over Heaven, but luckily he’s stopped and his human vessel is turned into a pillar of salt.

Overall the angel story was funny, a little cool, but raised a lot of questions, mostly surrounding what Castiel is up to. He vanished a lot more than he normally does without answering any questions, meaning the chaos in Heaven is probably a lot worse than he’s letting on.

However, the real star of this episode is Sam.

Something is definitely wrong with him. He’s kicking down doors, sanctioning the torture of children and sleeping with prostitutes, some very un-Sam-like things. However, it’s not all bad, as he works up quite a sweat after spending the night with a lady of the evening, showing off his insanely perfect body.

I’m sure this is now an instant classic Supernatural scene that will be dissected frame by sexy frame for days, weeks, months and years. It simply highlights how rare this show exploits the extreme hotness of its stars since the mere presence of Sam’s gorgeous body is worthy of mention.

But back to the point (which, I know, is very hard to do now that you’re thinking about Sam’s physique). Sam might claim that he’s OK with coming back from Hell, and maybe he is, but he’s different. Either Lucifer is still inside him or he’s aware of some greater plan that Dean isn’t, but something’s wrong.

This isn’t like when Dean sold his soul to bring back Sam and the demons tried to convince him that Sam came back wrong. That was a mind game and Sam came back just fine, but this time, Sam definitely came back wrong.

Coming Soon on Supernatural: An episode all about Bobby. An episode all about Twilight. And an episode where people are forced to tell Dean the truth. In other words: funny, funnier and answers.

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