What’s ahead for Grey’s Anatomy? Quite a lot!

(Just watch out for spoilers…)

Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover Tonight
Fans of Private Practice have gotten to know Dr. Amelia Shepherd over the past year. The character, played by Caterina Scorsone, first appeared at Oceanside Wellness last season and is now a Private Practice series regular. She will extend her medical reach tonight, when she arrives at Seattle Grace to visit her brother.

This will be the first time audiences get a glimpse of Derek and Amelia Shepherd together. According to the show, the siblings have been estranged for years, ever since their father’s murder. Amelia got into drugs through her failed efforts to deal with the tragedy, and Derek refused to accept this. Will this visit bring about a reconciliation?

Any potential meeting of the siblings will have to contend with Amelia’s behavior on the flight up. Not many shows can combine the mile-high club with a brain tumor, but Grey’s Anatomy is always up for a challenge!

SPOILERS for the October 28 Episode
According to The Ausiello Files, the Oct. 28 Grey’s Anatomy episode will have a somewhat different format from usual. A camera crew will be filming at the hospital for a documentary on last season’s shooting. We will see the entire episode from the point of view of the film crew, so let’s hope they’re good at their jobs!

In other October 28 episode spoiler-y news, Callie and Arizona will undergo a mysterious, yet positive development in their relationship. We will also be treated to a whole pile of guest stars. Amanda Foreman, who is currently playing Suze Lessing on Parenthood, will appear. We will also see Mandy Moore and Ryan Devlin show up to reprise their roles as patient and patient’s husband, respectively. Devlin’s character is scheduled for more than one episode, but there is no word as to whether Moore’s sick Mary survives long enough for a multi-episode arc.

One has to wonder why they wouldn’t switch hospitals after enduring a shooting on top of treatment…

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the unusual show style? What will happen with Callie and Arizona? Is it time for more emotional death at the hospital? Leave comments with any opinions!

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