Season 6 of Bones has returned and it’s better than ever! No, Brennan and Booth are still apart (stupid show…), but there’s plenty of other action to keep the plot rolling. Keep reading to find out everything you need — Bones spoilers, news, photos, casting and more — to know about Bones this season.

Season 6 Overview

At the end of season 5, we saw the Bones cast scatter to the winds. Brennan (with Daisy in tow) headed to Indonesia for once-in-a-lifetime anthropological research. Booth followed his sense of duty and went to Afghanistan to train the troops. Newlyweds Angela and Hodgins disappeared to Paris on an extended honeymoon. And a heartbroken Sweets took time for a little soul-searching.

But everyone is back now, having answered the call to help out Cam back in Washington. Things are not, however, the same. Booth picked up a new girlfriend, Hannah, while overseas and appears to be over Brennan. What are Brennan’s feelings? Hard to say, but season 6 should give us some answers!

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Season 6 Slideshows:

  • Missing in Action: Bones Characters We Haven’t Seen in Awhile
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  • Love Among the Remains: Best Bones Relationship Moments
  • When Love Goes Bad: TV’s Most Epic Breakups
  • Nemeses Galore: Evil Versions of the Bones Characters
  • Everything Old Is New Again: TV Spin-Offs
  • Bones Episode 6.14 Photos: “The Bikini in the Soup”
  • The More You Know: What TV Shows Teach Us
  • Left at the Altar: 17 Weddings That Weren’t
  • Episode 6.12 and 6.13 Photos: Polygamists and Daredevils
  • Bad Baby Names on TV
  • TV Families Gone Bad: Children vs. Parents
  • Dam! TV’s 10 Best Beavers
  • Doing Good: 20 Examples of Giving Back on TV
  • Equally Awesome: 20 Striking Similarities Between Bones and Castle
  • Boo! TV’s Best Ghosts
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  • TV’s 100 Sexiest Men of 2010
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  • Locating Walter Sherman: Casting Ideas for the Bones Spin-Off
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  • And Now an Appearance by Our Sponsor: Product Placement on TV
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  • Spooky, Sexy and Weird: TV’s Top Halloween Costumes
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  • Three’s a Crowd: TV’s Best Love Triangles
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  • Zoinks! TV’s Best Scooby Gangs
  • Bones Episode 6.2 Photos: Booth’s New Girlfriend
  • Keeping Booth and Brennan Apart: Season 6 Ideas
  • Crime-fighting Couples and the Rough Road to TV Romance

Season 6 News:

  • Fans Reveal Their Dream Episodes
  • Fans Share Their Post-Breakup Advice for Booth
  • Bones Fans React to Booth’s Ultimatum for Brennan
  • What’s Next for Brennan and Booth?
  • Bones Video: Love and Carnage
  • Bones News: Not Just About the Relationships
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Grand Romantic Gestures on TV
  • Did Booth Sabotage His Own Relationship on Bones?
  • Bones Fan Columnist: What Happens Now?
  • Bones Fans Give Suggestions on How to Get Rid of Hannah
  • Bones Creator Hart Hanson Talks ‘Sick, Twisted Minds’ and Spin-offs in Exclusive Interview
  • Bones News: The Locator Has Been Located
  • Bones Video: Watch Out for Evil Booth
  • Booth and Brennan: Destined to Be Apart?
  • Bones News Roundup: Spin-Off Casting, Baby Guesses and Gruesome Murders
  • Three Routes to Romance: Bones, Castle and Chuck
  • Bones Spoilers: A Light at the End of the Long, Dark Hannah Tunnel?
  • Bones News Roundup: Season 7, Hannah Stuff and That Spin-Off
  • Bones Isn’t Back Yet, But Bones Spoilers Are
  • What to Expect in the Second Half of Season 6
  • What Would TV Do? Christmas Trees
  • Letters to Santa: Our TV-Related Christmas Wishes
  • New Jobs for Bones Squinterns
  • Shipping News: Kelsey Grammer, Kim Kardashian and Bones
  • Bones Preview: Solving Brennan’s Murder
  • FOX Mid-Season Schedule
  • People’s Choice Award Nominees
  • Bones Spoiler: A New Nemesis for Booth
  • Bones News: Get Ready for a Spin-Off
  • Celebrate Caps Lock Day by Yelling at the TV Characters Who Make You Mad (WE DID!)
  • Bones Episode 6.4 Video: Meet Bunsen Jude the Science Dude
  • Meet Booth’s New Girlfriend
  • Bones Premiere Preview: The Team Is Back in Action

Season 6 Quotes:

  • Episode 6.13 Quotes: “The Bikini in the Soup”
  • Episode 6.12 Quotes: “The Sin in the Sisterhood”
  • Episode 6.11 Quotes: “The Bullet in the Brain”
  • Episode 6.10 Quotes: “The Body in the Bag”
  • Episode 6.9 Quotes: “The Doctor in the Photo”
  • Episode 6.8 Quotes: “The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck”
  • Episode 6.7 Quotes: “The Babe in the Bar”
  • Episode 6.6 Quotes: “The Shallow in the Deep”
  • Episode 6.5 Quotes: “The Bones That Weren’t”
  • Episode 6.4 Quotes: “The Body in the Bounty”
  • Episode 6.3 Quotes: “The Maggots in the Meathead”
  • Episode 6.2 Quotes: Watch Out, Hannah!

Season 6 Episode Recaps and Reviews:
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Episode 6.9 “The Doctor in the Photo”
Episode 6.8 “The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck”
Episode 6.7 “The Babe in the Bar”
Episode 6.6 “The Shallow in the Deep”
Episode 6.5 “The Bones That Weren’t”
Episode 6.4 “The Body in the Bounty”
Episode 6.3 “The Maggots in the Meathead”
Episode 6.2 “The Couple in the Cave”
Episode 6.1 “The Mastodon in the Room”

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