Last week Supernatural shook out the sillies with a brilliant meta episode, but this week it’s back to deadly serious matters, literally. I think this episode’s title, “…And Then There Were None,” refers to other Hunters, because three major recurring characters get killed off.

The Story of Eve

We get a whole lot of backstory on the Mother of All, who calls herself Eve, this week. According to Samuel, she was around 10,000 years ago and all monsters can be traced back to her. Samuel is very well informed about her for just another Hunter, so he clearly has some good connections.

We also see Eve in the flesh, chatting up some Bible-thumping trucker about how God (aka the Father of All) abandoned his creations and that she wouldn’t have done that. But what she does do is slip a slimy black thing into people’s ears and gives control of their bodies to the Monster Worm.

Death #1

You know an investigation is serious when Bobby puts on a suit and goes out into the field. He meets up with Rufus and they team up with Sam and Dean to check out the local cannery where they also run into Samuel and Gwen. Dean provides the awesomest moment of the episode when he sees Samuel and says “Welcome to next time” while pointing a gun at his head, recalling the last time they saw each other when Dean promised to kill his grandpa. The others talk Dean out of it, but later Dean gets possessed by the Monster Worm and kills Gwen.

Death #2

Knowing that they’re trapped in a cannery with a Monster Worm that can take control of anyone it wants, the Hunters are understandably concerned. If Dean killing Gwen wasn’t enough family-on-family violence for you, how about Sam killing Samuel? Because that’s what happens, only Sam is himself and he does it because he thinks the Monster Worm is in Samuel.

To prove it, Rufus and Bobby decide to perform some brain surgery on Samuel’s corpse, but as soon as they start to slice his skull open, Samuel comes back to life. Still possessed, Bobby throws him against an outlet and fries him, which kills Samuel for good and forces the Monster Worm out, because electricity is its Kryptonite.

Death #3

With Gwen and Samuel dead, the four remaining Hunters play a fun game to determine if any of them are possessed: they electrocute themselves. OK, it’s not fun so much as painful. Dean, Sam and Rufus pass the test, but Bobby is a little too squirrely about it, until he realizes there’s no way out and stabs Rufus. I know he’s possessed, but Bobby killing Rufus still sucks.

Mom’s Message

Sam and Dean tie up Bobby and have a little chat with the Monster Worm. It’s a new creature designed by Eve to bring Sam and Dean there to receive a message. He tells them that Eve is the mother of all monsters and that she’ll be the end of all humans. She’s creating more monsters so that they’ll outnumber humans and her creatures can take over the world. Sam and Dean don’t really like that idea, so they tape up Bobby’s mouth and ears and fry the Monster Worm to a crisp.

A Friend’s Funeral

After it’s all done, Bobby is still alive, but he’s left to bury his good friend Rufus. He offers a good eulogy and Dean adds that Rufus was family and that, no matter how much crap Bobby and Sam pull, everything is forgiven in the end.

It’s incredibly sad, especially since it reminds me a lot of last season’s episode where Ellen and Jo were killed. Why do all their Hunter friends have to die? Rufus will be sorely missed, and just like Bobby did, I pour one out for my fallen homey.

Next time on Supernatural: It’s another Hellatus as the show doesn’t return until April 15. Who would’ve guessed that I’d actually be looking forward to Tax Day this year? But when Supernatural comes back, we’ll get fate, the Old West, vampires and more Balthazar!

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