It was a whirlwind day of second chances and new beginnings on last night’s Gossip Girl. While some of our favorite talks-of-the-town were set free, others took the risk of being forever caged.

“Empire of the Son” featured tearful goodbyes, an incriminating document, several surprising returns and a twisted game of Clue — yet still had time to squeeze in a not-so-unexpected first kiss. Let’s start dishing.

Despite the fact that Blair failed a class and got fired, she’s more chipper than ever — an occurrence so unusual, yet one that Serena can’t even pick up on. Dorota and Rufus grow suspicious of Blair and Dan’s erratic behavior (and the fact that Blair’s choosing to be around him without a tetanus shot in the first place), but they insist they’re not even friends. Despite trying to avoid each other, Dan and Blair plan to go public with their “non-friendship” so as to quiet everyone’s suspicions that something’s happening between them. Deciding that they’re too different, however (in other words, too perfect for each other), they part ways and call their relationship quits — whatever their relationship was exactly.

Ben’s mother pops into town looking frumpier than usual, and even though Ben doesn’t tell her about his relationship with Serena, she knows. Serena overhears Ben’s mom when she tells him that in order to move on with his life, he needs to keep Serena out of it. Vanessa warns Serena about Ben and reveals that he did have the Captain beaten while in prison. Serena angrily confronts him, and the two eventually decide that it’s time to move on. But, as with every single one of Serena’s relationships, they part with a tearful goodbye kiss and the satisfaction of knowing that “Maybe one day, down the line” they can pick up where they left off.

We Used to Be Friends

Ben’s mother steals the incriminating affidavit from Serena and gives it to Russell as ammunition for acquiring Bass Industries. Russell continues to toy with Chuck like catnip by letting it slip that Nate and Raina have been seeing each other. Chuck gets all possessive and angry (his trademark) but Nate’s Furby hair makes up for the lie. The boys reconcile just in time for Chuck to exact his revenge on Russell by revealing his true colors to Raina, who turns her back on him. Russell retaliates by telling Chuck that Bart killed Raina’s mother in that fire years ago, sending Chuck straight into his trusty bottles of alcohol. Meanwhile, Lily turns herself into the District Attorney in order to save Bass Industries, as well as her family.

Cherish the Day

In the episode’s closing moments, William returns to tell Rufus that Cece is on her way to help clean up Lily’s mess and to remind him that he has no manhood. Lily has the D.A. grant Ben an immediate clean slate, allowing him to move on with his life. Russell moves back to Chicago, but Raina’s stint causing drama in the city doesn’t seem to be over just yet. A devastated Chuck takes solace in alcohol and decides to seek out Blair for help. Meanwhile, Dan’s the one who finds Blair and tells her maybe there’s more between them after all … and instead of laughing in his face, Blair pulls him in for a kiss.

Should Blair end up with Dan or Chuck? You decide!

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