Whenever the subject of Dean having a chance at a normal life comes up, two names always seem to be attached: Lisa, the woman who appears to be the love of Dean’s life, and Ben, the kid who reminds Dean of himself and the son he never had. When these two characters briefly resurfaced in “Mannequin 3: Reckoning,” it was clear that both Ben and Lisa still wanted Dean in their lives but unlike Ben, Lisa was already trying to forget Dean and move on to the arms of someone else. Dean, on the other hand, didn’t want Ben to end up like him so he had no choice but to leave. Did Dean do the right thing by leaving or was there a better way of handling the situation? Here’s what our readers think:

JasmineWeasley: I think he did the right thing! I love Lisa, I think she is perfect for Dean but I’m with Dean on this one. I would have loved to see him settle down and have a family but being a hunter is who he is and he can’t both have a family and be a hunter at the same time! For what it’s worth I don’t think that’s the last we see of them!

CarolP2369: Personally — I could care less. I have always felt that Lisa was a giant speed bump and serves no useful purpose to the show. She ruins the dynamic of the show for me. If at the end of the series they want to give the brothers a “normal” life that would be fine. I just felt she was contrived, forced, etc. Of all the women Dean has had contact with over the years they could have found him something better than her. 

buninay: The story is about two brothers. And being a hunter, you can never have family of your own, especially in their situation. Dean came to Lisa because Sam asked him. Sam doesn’t want Dean to live alone. But Now that Sam is back, Dean won’t let Sam live alone too. And he thought it was the right [thing] to do. Poor Lisa and Ben, we know that Dean loves them. But he loves his brother the most.

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So have we really seen the last of Ben and Lisa? Thanks to the montage of the two characters, most Supernatural fans think so. It’s also apparent that a lot of viewers wish that the show would already close that chapter of Dean’s life. 

Marilyn Soper Case: I think that was a farewell montage. Notice how each time she opens the door to Dean, her expression becomes more sour, for lack of a better word.

Bivolan Ramona: That was the end of Lisa and Ben! I am sure we saw the last of them and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Elizabeth Burgess: Lisa may finally get her wish of being over Dean, but I don’t think Ben ever will. When a kid finally has someone to look up to and relate to, that leaves a permanent mark. I think Ben will be back in some capacity later down the road.

Meanwhile, we also asked our readers what they would feel if it was later revealed that Dean is the real father of Ben. And not surprisingly, most Supernatural fans were against it except for these: 

KristenPerry: Well, I say that the only reason she told Dean he wasn’t Ben’s father was so he wouldn’t feel like he had to come back to her, or help out in some way, she wanted him to come back because of her, not because he felt obligated to. Just because somebody says something doesn’t make it true, and I say that until they actually show those results, there is every likeliness that Ben really is Dean’s kid.

supernaturaljunkie: I believe he is. The similarities between them, plus the instant bond, really makes it believable. But, I hope not because that would just complicate the story and take away from Dean’s women-loving ways.

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