Have you ever dreamed of marrying Sam Winchester? If you’re a Supernatural fan, of course you have, and if your name is Becky Rosen, you write fan fiction about it. This week Becky, the Supernatural super fan, returns as Sam’s bride.

The two get married in Vegas after just four days, and while Dean knows something is fishy, Sam is OK with it. Probably because Becky is drugging him with a love potion she got from one of her Wiccan friends, Guy. They had back to Becky’s hometown of Delaware, because it’s her 10-year high school reunion, which explains why she’s so eager to have Sam on her arm to make all her old tormentors insanely jealous.

Party On, Garth

With Sam “happily” married, Bobby calls in a new partner for Dean, an awesomely geeky hunter named Garth, played by the equally geeky and awesome D.J. Qualls. Both pairs investigate a series of deaths that came right after the people’s dreams came true.

It turns out Becky, thanks to her years of devotion to Supernatural, makes a decent hunter, suspecting a Crossroads Demon, only the timeline doesn’t quite fit since they use 10-year deals.

The Honeymoon is Over

When the love potion wears off a second time on Sam and Becky discovers she’s out, she does what any girl would do. She knocks Sam unconscious with the waffle iron Dean gave them as a wedding present, takes off his pants, and ties Sam to her bed, Misery-style.

Sam correctly points out that her Wiccan friend Guy is definitely involved in the murders because there’s never been a case where two crazy things happen independently. Becky, however, gives a speech that is equally touching and hilarious about how she loves Sam because she’s a loser and a freak, just like he was during that whole season 2 arc when he was one of Azazel’s special children. The level of continuity this week is brilliant, especially since Becky makes a reference to the wonderful “Bad Day at Black Rock.”

Crowley Saves the Day

Becky goes to get more love potion, only she learns Guy really is a Crossroads Demon and now he wants her soul. He offers a 25-year contract, which is pretty tempting, but Becky proves how great she is by tricking Guy into a Devil’s Trap.

We learn that Guy is working with another demon who causes the “accidents,” exploiting a giant loophole in the deals he makes. A fight ensues, Becky kills Guy’s associate, and the Winchesters get the upper hand, but that’s when Crowley makes his triumphant return. It would’ve been a better twist if Mark Sheppard‘s name wasn’t in the opening credits.

Unlike Wall Street CEOs, Crowley has ethics, so he does not approve of what Guy did and wants to make an example out of him. He also assures Sam and Dean that he’s told his demons to stay away from them because Crowley wants Sam and Dean to focus on killing the Leviathans. Once again, Crowley turns out to be a pretty decent King of Hell.

In the closing moments, Sam gets a divorce and Garth sets his sights on Becky. I feel like Garth may have been a character Chuck (who I assume is God) brought in for the sole purpose of being Becky’s soulmate, which would be pretty nice if it were true.

Sam and Dean also have another sweet, brotherly moment where Sam tells Dean that he’s OK with the wackiness in his head, so now Dean can focus on his own problems instead of worrying about his little brother all the time. For most people, that would be good news, but the look on Dean’s face is one that says, “I’ve defined my entire life around the single mission of protecting my little brother, so who am I if I don’t have that?” It’s a good question.

Next week on Supernatural: Sam, Dean and Bobby go hunting in New Jersey for the Jersey Devil. As a former resident of New Jersey whose high school mascot was the Red Devils, I can’t wait.

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