This week on Bones, a woman is discovered — with mice feeding on her dead body. The Jeffersonian’s newest intern joins the lab and helps with the investigation. Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth confront their latest bump in the road as their relationship and their baby continue to develop.
And The Sex Of The Baby Is …

Brennan is just frustrating sometimes, and her complete lack of empathy is astonishing. Are some people really like that? But she happens to do it in a way that still makes her likable.

Brennan in this episode can’t understand why Booth could get upset over not knowing about her ultrasound visit, and then ultimately the discovery that their kid is a … girl! More on that later.

And it’s not that she doesn’t understand why Booth is upset, it’s the fact that she doesn’t think it’s important to include him in these big decisions.

She also went to a financial adviser to set up a trust fund for their daughter without his knowledge. For the second straight episode, Brennan brings up Booth’s lack of money. He hasn’t really had much of a reaction either time, and I’m wondering if he’ll just let it go, or if we’ll see something bigger happen. You know and I know that Booth will do anything to provide for his kid. Brennan has to realize what’s his is hers and what’s hers is his. So yeah, while she does make way more than him, it’s their money.

But back to the baby girl! How adorable. I’m already coming up with girl names that will go with Booth as the last name.

Speaking of Booth’s kids, does Parker even know he’s going to be a big brother?

Jeffersonian’s Newest Squintern

Meet Finn, the boy with the long locks, a love for forensics, a southern drawl — and a criminal record? He was pretty much a child genius, but spent three years in juvie for assault (though the record was expunged when he turned 18). And about a year after the assault, his stepfather disappeared. You can probably fill in the blanks.

It turns out the stepfather abused Finn and his mother. And while Finn admits he got into forensics to plot his death, he’s innocent. He realized — after reading one of Brennan’s papers, no less — that he could never truly get away with the murder. So he IS a smart guy!

What are your early opinions on the new squintern? We can already see the new bromance developing between Finn and Hodgins. That┬ámuch time making fun of his drawl has to make us think that they’ll end up bonding, which will lead to some entertaining interactions.

Moving Along

I was really glad to have eaten dinner well ahead of this episode. Is it just me or do the crimes from these first two weeks seem extra gruesome? Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched the show in what feels like forever. But all the rats feeding on the dead body? And then the python slithering out of it? Not to mention how the woman who was killed was a hot dog eating champion? Gross.

The storyline didn’t keep my attention as much as Brennan/Booth and the introduction of the new intern did. The investigation moved along, and then came to a conclusion in about 2.5 seconds. When Booth revealed to the man he was questioning that he was the killer, the guy was just like, yeah OK, I did it. Full confession. Over. Yawn.

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