Fans of the show knew that things would be different in Chuck season 5, now that Morgan has the Intersect. But this different? Morgan’s increasingly bizarre behavior (“Who’s Luke Skywalker?” Seriously?) comes to a head in this week’s “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips.” What’s going on with Morgan? Will he stay over on the Dark Side? Josh Gomez, who plays Morgan Grimes, has some of the answers.

While Josh Gomez wasn’t ready to give away all of Morgan’s secrets in “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips,” he did acknowledge that all was not well on a deep level. “He doesn’t remember who Indiana Jones is, and Luke Skywalker, and that ain’t cool in Morgan’s world,” explains Gomez. Those glimpses of trouble we saw in “Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit” become even more obvious in the next episode. According to Josh Gomez, “Clearly something is very, very wrong when you see my hair.”

The new Morgan isn’t the fun, lovable guy Chuck fans know. The old Morgan may not have been useful, but at least he was loyal. As Gomez explains it, “He’s terrible in a fire-fight. He’s awful in a fire-fight. But he’s a good best friend.” That best friend would never bail on movie night and he would definitely never defect to Verbanski over perceived slights. But this is a different and darker Morgan — a Morgan that’s not meant to be quite as pleasant as before: “You’re not supposed to like Morgan, I think, at this point,” says Gomez.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long for the Dark Morgan character to play himself out. Things get pretty rough between Chuck and Morgan in “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips,” but don’t worry — the best friends are not over. When asked about whether Morgan’s dark Intersect descent would continue throughout the season, Josh Gomez assured reporters: “It’s not the storyline for the whole season. This is the first act, if you will.”

There will be repercussions, however. Chuck fans know all too well that Intersect problems don’t just go away. Even if Morgan can reconcile with the team at Carmichael Industries, there’s a bumpy road ahead. Gomez says, “There are effects from this earlier arc that are going to play out over the season.”

Catch a sneak peek at “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips” below:

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