Supernatural is nearing the end of season 12, and a tragic new threat has emerged: Mary Winchester. As a prisoner of the British Men of Letters, Lady Toni Bevell’s mission is to psychologically break her and turn her into an obedient slave. The goal is to have her turn against her own sons.

That’s next-level cruel. Besides Mary’s evil turn, we also learn about a secret connection between Crowley and the BMOL. And Lucifer is finally back to his old self, because what’s the point of a Supernatural finale if there aren’t a lot of enemies to fight.

Hunters Are Dying

Sam and Dean are worried that they can’t contact their mom, which gets even worse when they learn that seven Hunters have died from “monster attacks” in the last three weeks. Sadly, that list includes Eileen, the deaf Hunter who accidently killed one of the British Men of Letters. I guess Sam will never be able to hook up with her now.

Eileen was killed by a hell hound, but it was really Mr. Ketch using a demonic dog whistle to control it. How did he get a hell hound? It seems Crowley is working with the BMOL’s boss lady, Dr. Hess.

Luckily, even from beyond the grave, Eileen is awesome. She sent a letter to the Winchesters about her suspicions that she was being followed and bugged by the BMOL. Sam and Dean decide to search the Bunker and find one of the bugs Ketch and his men planted.

Mary vs. Lady Toni

Lady Toni Bevell is back to her favorite hobby: psychologically torturing Winchesters. This time she’s brainwashing Mary into thinking that she killed one of her Hunter friends, trying to reprogram Mary into being an obedient Hunter working for the BMOL. It starts to work and Mary wants to die rather than have her free will stripped away.

Elsewhere, Dr. Hess has decided to pit Ketch and Toni against each other to determine which one will take over American operations ater the Hunter problem is fixed.

Sam and Dean Set a Trap (and Get Trapped)

Using the bug, Sam and Dean set a trap by discussing a fake meeting to lure out the BMOL. It works and they capture Lady Toni. She suffers from the world’s worst case of villain monologue-ing, revealing all of their plans. She tells them about the BMOL killing American Hunters, turning Mary into their personal soldier, the death of Mick and Ketch’s sexcapades with Mary.

They return to the Bunker where Ketch and his men are waiting for them. A bad-ass shoot-out ensures, with Sam and Dean winning, holding Toni and Ketch and gunpoint. But that’s when Mary enters and the brainwashing is complete because she’s with the BMOL and threatens to shoot her sons.

Ketch and Mary leave together, but leave Sam, Dean and Toni in the Bunker. They lock it from the outside and turn off the air and water, leaving the three of them to die in their tomb.

Lucifer vs. Crowley

Lucifer is still using a demon to remove the magical warding that makes him Crowley’s slave. The result is a curious side effect where the power is reverse, meaning Lucifer is now the master and Crowley is his slave. Lucifer has some fun making Crowley do the chicken dance, but then gets down to business.

Lucifer is back in charge and he finally kills Crowley. Well, he stabs Crowley’s body, but the King of Hell is famously impossible to kill. Right before he’s killed, we see a rat next to Crowley and the implication that is that he transferred his demonic energy into the creature to fight another day.

As the demons drag Crowley’s dead body away (followed by the rat), Lucifer heads outside to find his son.

The two-hour Supernatural season 12 finale airs Thursday, May 18 at 8/7c on the CW.

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