President Kirkman’s first international summit is derailed when journalist Abe Leonard publishes an explosive article. Meanwhile, Hannah Wells uncovers the conspiracy’s next target on Designated Survivor.

Hannah realizes she is being held on a cargo ship and tries to make a break as her captors look for her. She sees even more explosives being loaded onto a cargo ship from the barge where she is being held. The FBI and the President are still attempting to locate Hannah.

The President is on his way to his first NATO Summit in Toronto where he is to discuss arms control. He is looking for an ally from other foreign dignitaries and hopes to find some upon his arrival.

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Hannah finds her way into the ships quarters, where she calls for help. She is stopped by Lazano who strikes her, causing her to pass out.

The President Heads His First NATO Summit

The President talks about introducing an initiative to reduce NATO’s arsenal. He says it is the time to show that global cooperation will help to ensure a safe future for the citizens of the world.

The FBI looks to Hannah’s former co-worker to try and find computer files related to Browning Reed. He finds a digital fingerprint where he can track the files that are being deleted from the White House server by insider Jay Whittaker.

Seth brings a newspaper to the President which reads that Al-Sakar was not behind the Capitol bombing. The story is written by journalist Abe Leonard. The article says the United States captured the wrong guy as the bomber of the Capitol building. T

The President is visibly shaken by this news, a story which puts his credibility at risk. He reveals he cannot squash the story because it’s true, and it’s a secret he has been keeping from his closest constituents. Cornelius Moss is furious that the president did not disclose to him that the story is validated.

If Kirkman denies the story he commits perjury. If he admits the truth, he lets the American people know they have been lied to.

Jay Whittaker Returns!

Jay Whitaker takes a call from Patrick Lloyd, who says that Abe Leonard has served his purpose and he needs to be taken care of permanently.

Hannah is tied up comes face to face with Lozano. He tells her that Peter MacLeish is his family and she killed his family so he killed hers. He then gives her Jason Atwood’s wedding ring, the memento he takes after he shoots him dead.

The President says his government cannot comment on the story in the paper as it is a matter of national security during the NATO Summit. Both the French and British leaders call Kirkman to task regarding Al Sakar. France tables their part in the discussion as they are unsatisfied with his answers regarding the story. After some deliberation, they remove the initiative from the planning table.

The FBI Wants to Talk to Abe Leonard

The FBI wants to talk to Abe Leonard. He refuses to talk to them. His bosses ask him to go in for an interview to meet them to what they want, and say he does not have to give up his story’s sources if he doesn’t want to.

The President meets with the Prime Minister of France, who¬†gives the President five minutes to state his peace. Kirkman says he needs to earn the Prime Minister’s trust and admits that they brought this dream of nuclear threat reduction to the table together. Together, he would like them to finish their journey. He tells her that wherever France goes, NATO will follow.

Jay Whittaker is being traced as he deletes more files from his White house server. He is being traced to the West Wing. He closes his digital fingerprint before he is able to be traced by the FBI.

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The FBI closes in on the cargo ship that reportedly contains agent Hannah Wells. They begin to arrest people on the ship. Unfortunately, Hannah is no longer on the bridge, but has been returned to the FBI building in a van that has been rigged with explosives.

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