On this episode of The 100, “The Other Side,” Clarke questions her decision to steal the bunker, Monty tries to get the remaining Skaikru holdouts to come with him to Polis, Raven gets a visitor and Bellamy is determined to save Octavia.

Bellamy is understandably upset that Clarke chose to take the bunker without waiting to find out the results of the conclave. Abby is also upset to learn that Kane was left behind. Jaha says they sent people to get Bellamy, Kane and Octavia, but they only returned with one of the three.

The Clock is Ticking

Abby wants to radio Kane, but Jaha warns her that no matter the result, there is nothing but pain outside the bunker door. The radiation levels have become critical, and the people outside are already feeling the effects. Once they realize has taken the bunker, it will be chaos, and there’s no way they can open the door. Abby understands but orders Jaha out of her way.

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Bellamy is able to get through to Octavia and learns she won. O wants to know what her brother did, and he swears it wasn’t his call, but he’s going to fix it. Octavia reveals that she decided to share the bunker with everyone — 100 from each clan. Kane is buying them time helping the Grounders select their people, and Gaia convinced the scouts to lock down the temple. But if anyone finds out Skaikru stole the bunker, they’re all dead.

Bellamy is determined to open the door, but Jaha won’t allow his people to be put at risk. Bellamy says that in order to stop him, Jaha will have to kill him. He’s wrong because a few volts of electricity takes him down.

Jaha insists that Clarke was right, but now that she knows Octavia won, she’s having second thoughts. Abby says it’s like they’re back on the Ark, killing their own people, so that they can live. She agrees they shouldn’t risk opening the door, but unlike Jaha, she hates herself for it. Jaha doesn’t believe how they feel about themselves is relevant. They’ve all done unconscionable things to save their people. Putting their people first is how they live with themselves..

Bellamy has a lot of friends in the guard, and he’ll do anything to help his sister, so they need a guard who is more worried about survival than being liked. Clarke chooses Murphy for the job.

The Suicide Squad

Back at the ship, the party rages on for everyone except Monty who is trying to convince Jasper, Harper and the others to head to the bunker. He’s made three radiation suits but can transport seven more people with the rover.

Riley winds up overdosing on hallucinogenic tea. Jasper doesn’t see the problem. He thinksRiley’s better of now than if he had melted from the inside out. Monty’s had it andannounces he’s leaving immediately. Jasper decides that they should all go out like Monty — a suicide pact.

Monty continues to plead with Harper to come with him. She’s made her choice and urges him to leave because she doesn’t want to watch him die. Monty declares his love for her, but Harper says he’s not enough to make her want to live, and she’s not worth dying. He needs to save himself and let the rest of them go.

Raven Rises Again

Raven’s health continues to deteriorate as she prepares to go into orbit and her final spacewalk. She’s still hallucinating, but it’s not just Becca she’s seeing. Raven is visit by Sinclair who tells Raven he didn’t die just so that she could kill herself. Raven argues she’s not killing herself, she’s dying, there’s a difference. Sinclair says the Raven he knows isn’t a quitter, but Raven can’t fight what’s happening to her brain. Sinclair wants to know how Raven can be so sure. Has she even tried?

Sinclair and Raven look over the scans of her brain. Sinclair suggests they purge the residual code from her head, stop the damage from getting worse and give her brain time to heal. If Raven’s brain was a computer, what would she do? She’d reboot it. They’d have to stop her heart long enough for all the electrical activity to stop in her brain too — 15 minutes. Becca says Raven will be brain dead long before her heart starts again. Raven realizes the damage could be avoided if she was really, damn cold.

Raven submerses herself in a tank of ice water. She’s set everything up to set off a live wire to jump start her heart. She’s basically rigged everything by timer to do what she needs to pull of the plan. Sinclair says that if this works, when she wakes up both he and Becca will be gone. She thanks him, but he says she did it, she had it in her all along.

The first step is for Raven to drown herself. Raven heart gets kick started by an electrical current, but because of her heart murmur, she goes into cardiac arrest. She drags herself to the defibrillator and blasts herself, regulating her heart rhythm. If there is anyone more bad ass than Raven, I don’t know who it is.

The End of O?

Indra is determined that she and Octavia find another way into the bunker. Octavia points out there is no other way; it stayed hidden for 100 years. Octavia shoots down Indra’s plan to break in, explaining then the bunker won’t be safe for anyone. O is certain Bellamy will find a way. Echo overhears the two women and can’t wait to run and tell everyone how Skaikru dishonored them again. They’re going to want blood.

Octavia points out that Skaikru isn’t the only clan that showed dishonor at the conclave. O knows Echo was disguised as a warrior on the battlefield and that Roan caught her. She also knows Roan banished her. If Echo stand with Octavia, her promise will stand that Azgeda survives Praimfaya.

A man arrives to tell Octavia the black rain has stopped, and the clans are on their way. He questions how they should stop them, but Octavia decides to let them come. She’s got no choice but to face the music.

Doing Better Today

Abby shows up to treats Bellamy’s wounds (He beat his hands bloody trying to get out.) Bellamy recounts how Kane told him that doing better today than yesterday is how they’ll deserve to survive.

Abby calls for John, and when he enters, Bellamy puts him in a choke hold, rendering him unconscious. Bellamy’s next step is to get to the air lock control which happens to be in the main office. Bellamy’s going to have to get by Jaha.

Abby goes to talk to Jaha. She wants to open the door. She questions that if they choose their own lives over those of the people outside, what does that make them? Jaha thinks it makes them survivors. Jaha reminds Abby that she’s made decisions like this before. It’s the exact predicament she faced with her husband. Why is this any different? Abby says that on the Ark, they thought they were saving the human race.

Jaha is adamant that if they open that door, the people on the other side will kill them, including Clarke. Is Abby willing to let her daughter die? He’s sorry for her loss, Kane was a good man. Abby injects Jaha with a sedative, stating “He still is.”

Bellamy enters and promises he won’t let anything happen to Clarke. It takes two people to open the doors, one from the office and one from above. As Bellamy head upstairs, Clarke encounters Murphy being wheeled up to medical. She immediately heads for the door. She grabs a gun and orders Bellamy to stop. She fires off a warning shot. Bellamy explains that this isn’t like pulling the lever in the City of Light or Mt. Weather or shutting the drop ship door. They knew what they were stopping then, but now they know nothing.

Clarke argues they know that if the door stays shut, the human race survives. Bellamy insists that Clarke will have to kill him to stop him, but she can’t bring herself to do it. Bellamy opens the door to find O, Echo and Indra waiting. The clans arrive and nobody’s the wiser.

One Clan

Octavia announces that moving forward they are all one clan and the bunker is their home, everyone accept Echo. O may have made a deal that Azgeda would survive, but not Echo. She tells Echo she’s free to reveal that Skaikru stole the bunker, but there isn’t much point since the door is open now.

The moon is red, the wave is coming and Monty’s still risking his life to try and save people who don’t want to be saved. He’s ready to make two trips to Polis and makes a last-ditch-effort to get Jasper to come. Jasper’s already leaving. Monty discovers Jasper drank the Jobi tea that Riley consumed. Monty is angry, but Jasper wants them to part on good terms. He asks Monty to say he loves him or he’ll regret it forever. Monty begs Jasper to stay with him, pledges his love and Jasper takes one last breath and dies.

Monty discovers the dead bodies of the rest of the group, but Harper decides not to drink the Kool-Aid. It turns out she does love him enough to be trapped in a bunker together for five years.

Jaha awakens to realize there’s a new world order. The other clans have chosen their survivors, and now it’s time for Skaikru to do the same. Octavia tells them the Death Wave comes in 24 hours, and they’ve got 12 to decide.

Will Jaha accept the new arrangement? Are you shocked that Jasper died? Was Octavia wrong to condemn Echo to death? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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