This episode of iZombie, titled “Some Like It Hot Mess,”¬†gives Liv an excuse to explore her inner wild girl when a DJ/cashier is murdered in her bathtub. Elsewhere, Major and Blaine are still getting used to their lives after taking the cure, with the latter taking a surprising turn.

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Crime of the Week

The new victim and soon-to-be snack for Liv comes in the form of a party girl/drama queen cashier at a supermarket, Yvonne, who is slapped by a patron and later found dead by a hair dryer in a bathtub. Though it would be seen as a suicide, the crime scene points to foul play, with the killer throwing the hair dryer into Fawn’s bubble bath, ultimately shocking her to death. They go to investigate the club that Yvonne used to DJ at, questioning everyone from the general manager to the bartenders. During a trip to the store room, Liv finds Trish, the lady who smacked Fawn, hiding. We learn that Yvonne slept with Trish’s husband, Sage, who is the general manager of the bar, now making them the prime suspects, seeing as how Yvonne came between their marriage vows.

Liv is adjusting to Peyton and Blaine’s love affair cramping her personal space, which spurs a vision in Liv’s party girl brain, illuminating the fact that Yvonne was sleeping with her boss at the supermarket and cheated on him with Sage. Yvonne also asked him for money right before her death. After realizing that they both have alibis, Liv has another vision, showing Yvonne pawning a signed baseball in a shady pawn shop. Yvonne’s roommate’s alibi falls through, which leads Clive to connect the dots: Yvonne owed her roommate money and went to sell her famed autographed baseball in order to remedy the situation. However, Yvonne did so against her roommate’s wishes and, in anger, the roommate electrocuted Yvonne in the bathtub.

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Memory: Lost and Found

Major, post-cure, is now human again with his memories intact and a human appetite to match. During a rousing round of video games with Ravi, Major starts showing symptoms of memory loss and, in a preemptive measure, starts penning goodbye letters to all his loved ones. Due to his rapid memory loss, he reads Walla Walla, which sends him on a one-way course to Washington, mostly chasing a ghost from his past. Like a lost puppy in the big city, Major finds himself on the doorstep of Mother’s house.

The Scratching Post is officially open for business, which finds itself a customer thanks to a millionaire looking for a cure. This brings Blaine’s former lackey Donny knocking on Ravi’s door, begging suspicion into the possibility of Blaine faking his memory loss for his own personal gain. Peyton is prosecuting the dominatrix brain, which brings her face-to-face with Ravi, who tells Peyton of Blaine’s possible omission of truth.

Peyton brings her concerns to Blaine over some Chinese food, and her suspicion only grows as Blaine begins acting even shadier than usual, which eventually forces Blaine to confess to Peyton that he has all of his memories back. Blaine stayed silent in an effort to reset his life and rewrite his history, but Peyton realizes that Blaine’s lie has cost her friends their humanity.

However, the silver lining is that Major, though knee-deep in his amnesia, will return to the Major he once was. Glossed over in the interpersonal drama is the overarching fact that a cure for zombieism has been found.

Liv goes to take her dose of the cure, only to find that they have been stolen from Ravi’s office. Hope is almost all lost, until Ravi remembers that Major has one last dose of the cure that he never used — or so he thought. In the final moments, Liv’s heart is crushed learning that Major gave it to Natalie, thus destroying her hope for humanity.

Did you guys have a feeling that Blaine was lying or did you buy into his good guy act? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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