The stress of planning their wedding was getting to Delilah in this NCIS episode, leaving McGee worried about his wife-to-be. But a trip to the hospital doesn’t have to end with bad news, and Tony’s old apartment didn’t always have to be the scene of a crime.

Here are the most heartwarming moments from “Something Blue.”

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McGee Insisted Their First Song Was “Cute”

“She Blinded Me with Science,” he told Torres, “’cause when we first met, we bonded over science.”

Vance Offered McGee Advice About Marrying a Strong, Intelligent Woman

Vance: “As someone who was also married to a strong, intelligent woman, may I give you some advice, Agent McGee?”
McGee: “Don’t blow it?”
Vance: “No. Never take it for granted. Not for one second. And don’t blow it.”

Only One Guest Mattered to the Couple: Each Other

NCIS 1423 only guest.jpgMcGee: “There’s only one guest I really care about coming anyway.”
Delilah: “Who?”
McGee: “What do you mean, who? You.”
Delilah: “Aww. Me, too, you.”

Gibbs Calmed McGee Down at the Hospital

She’ll be okay, Gibbs assured him, even as McGee worried that this could be one of the complications the doctors worried about happening down the road when she was paralyzed. He had McGee sit down and “take a breath.” They get so worked up about the little things every day, McGee noted, that they “ignore what matters most.” But all he could do was wait and see, Gibbs said, “and breathe.”  

McGee and Delilah Found out She’s Pregnant

Even if she wasn’t fine, Delilah assured him that they were still okay, “as long as we have each other.” But fortunately, everything was okay. In fact, it was better than okay and everything was to be expected, given her current condition, the doctor told them. And that condition would be?

“You’re expecting,” the doctor said. “Expecting what?” McGee asked. Delilah was about 10 weeks pregnant, and McGee passed out upon hearing the news. “That’s exactly how I imagined it,” Delilah said.

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Abby Noticed Delilah’s Glow

NCIS 1423 best news ever.jpgAnd she hadn’t stayed up all night worrying to not know why. The couple confirmed the good news, but made her promise not to tell anyone until they heard back from Delilah’s mother. Abby climbed onto the bed with them and hugged them, proclaiming it “the best news ever!”

Abby Spilled the Good News, but McGee and Delilah Had More

They invited everyone over to share the good news, but by then, Abby had already blurted it out. But that wasn’t the only reason they were there. With the baby on the way, they didn’t want to wait for a big summer wedding. “In a few weeks, we’ll have a party for out of town family, but right now, we want to share something with our other family, one that means more to us than we ever tell you guys,” McGee revealed. They were getting married right then and there.

Abby was still McGee’s best person, but with Delilah’s sister unable to make it, Delilah asked Gibbs to be her man of honor. “Be my honor,” he told her. Ducky was going to give her away, and Palmer was Reverend Jimmy, thanks to the Internet.

Gibbs Gave McGee His Watch

McGee was wearing his father’s cufflinks, so it would almost be like he was there. “He’s there,” Gibbs assured him. He then gave McGee his watch, a watch that his mother had given to his father when they got married and his father gave to Gibbs on his wedding day. “Boss, you sure there’s no one else you’d rather give this to?” McGee checked. “Who better than you, Tim?” Gibbs replied. He’d even had “Breathe, Tim” etched into the back.

McGee and Delilah Got Married

NCIS 1423 wedding.jpg

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