Supernatural decided to go full Tarantino with this week’s episode that is an homage to Reservoir Dogs. “Stuck in the Middle (With You)” is shown from multiple perspectives in a non-linear fashion as Mary, Sam, Dean, Cas and another Hunter plan an attack on a demon, but everything goes wrong.

Normally a cool storytelling device would be enough to make a great episode, but Supernatural doubles down with a lot of huge revelations about the mythology of the series, going all the way back to the beginning. We find out what makes yellow-eyed demons so special and learn how Crowley became the King of Hell. Also, there are some amazing blasts from the past, including something fans have been waiting seven years to see again.

The Demon Attack

Mary is working with a Hunter named Wally and they call Dean, Sam and Cas to assist with a demon. However, everything goes wrong during the attack because the Devil’s Trap bullets and demon-killing blade don’t work. Oh, and the demon has yellow eyes, just like the one who killed Mary. During the initial attack two other demons arrive, Wally is killed and Cas gets stabbed by a giant spear and can’t heal himself.

Mary’s Secret Mission

Finding the demon is actually a mission from the British Men of Letters, though Mary keeps her sons in the dark. She secretly snuck into the demon’s basement to steal a shining object from a safe, reminiscent of the suitcase from Pulp Fiction.

How Crowley Became King

After the attack, Crowley appears out of nowhere to provide some much-needed exposition from six years ago about how he became the King of Hell. This new demon is named Ramiel and, like all demons with yellow eyes, he’s a Prince of Hell, the first batch of demons created by Lucifer.

Crowley offered Ramiel the opportunity to be King of Hell after Lilith, Azazel and Lucifer all failed, but he didn’t want it. Ramiel wanted to be left in peace, instead suggesting that Crowley become the King and keep everyone away from him. In addition, we learn that Crowley gave Ramiel two gifts: the mysterious shining thing Mary stole and the spear that stabbed Cas, which is actually the Lance of Michael designed to kill angels slowly and painfully (intended for Lucifer).

Winchesters vs. the Prince

Crowley tries to stop Ramiel, but fails. He threatens to kill all of the Winchesters unless they give him back what he stole. Mary says nothing so Ramiel attacks. Sam, Dean and Mary all fight back, with Sam taking the Lance of Michael and stabbing Ramiel, killing him. In the end, Crowley realizes that all he needs to do is break the Lance to save Cas.

Two Last Things

The episode ends with two huge revelations. First, Mary meets with Mr. Ketch from the British Men of Letters and hands over the mystery object she stole from Ramiel. It’s…THE COLT! Holy crap, we haven’t seen that gun since season 5. It’s the magical weapon that can kill anything except five creatures. We know that Lucifer is one of the things it can’t kill, but maybe now we’ll learn about the others.

Speaking of Lucifer, the second huge revelation is that Crowley is keeping Lucifer in a cage, just like Lucifer did to him. And it’s the original Lucifer, played by Mark Pellegrino!

Hot damn, the Colt, Lucifer and Yellow-Eyed Demons! This episode was like a shock to the system, bringing back so much of the show’s brilliant mythology.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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