On this episode of The 100, “The Four Horsemen,” Jaha, Clarke and Bellamy search for an alternate location to ride out the radiation, a sick Luna arrives at Arkadia, Roan loses something very important and tasks Octavia with finding it and Clarke struggles to decide who should live and who will die.

Preparations are on the way at Arkadia for the five-year lockdown. And in addition to inadequate resources like food and water, Clarke has to figure out who gets to come to the party, and who remains outside to get lit up like a marshmallow at a bonfire. To further complicate matters, people being affected by the radiation sickness show up at the gates, hoping for medical attention. This is no ordinary Grounder though, it’s Luna, the conscientious objector Grounder.

Give or Take Four Months

Luna and her small party lost 40 of their group before making it to Arkadia. Abby who is back with her daughter, diagnoses Luna and the others with Acute Radiation Sickness (ARS). Abby questions Luna about when the symptoms started, and she’s not sure, only that it wasn’t long after all the fish started dying, their bodies floating on the surface all the way to the horizon. Clarke and Bellamy realize they have even less time than they thought.

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Death from Above

Roan seeks out Octavia’s services. Someone stole the Flame, and they need to find it before the other clans discover it’s gone and question Roan’s rule. Whoever took it, got in and out of the tower without being seen which means she would have to care more about the Flame than their own life. He believes the ambassadors are too cowardly and is convinced the new Flamekeeper is a fanatic. Roan would search himself, but his guards won’t let him out of their sight. Octavia agrees to help, leaving a concerned Indra behind. Roan informs Indra that her protégé has earned the name “Skairipa” which means death from above. He tells Indra she should be proud.

Jaha’s Plan B

Given the condition of Luna and what’s left of her people, Raven crunches the numbers and figures Skaikru has two months of survivability left. Bellamy worries they won’t be ready, but Raven is convinced if they triple the man hours and work around the clock, they can achieve a hard seal before the black rain comes. Raven puts pressure on Clarke to compile a list of who gets to live in the Ark. Clarke doesn’t want to discuss it, but Raven says they’re running out of time and need a plan for the day they close the doors. Raven may be in charge of rationing, but deciding who lives or dies is Clarke’s specialty.

Jaha has his own plan. He thinks their might be a fallout shelter that can sustain thousands close by. There was a doomsday cult called the Second Dawn whose whole theology was riding out the end of the world. Raven, Clarke and Bellamy question why Jaha didn’t consider it before, especially when he sent the original 100 down. Jaha’s response is that they couldn’t prove it existed, but they’ve got no choice but to consider it now. Jaha thinks he’s already found it, but he can’t be sure unless they check it out. Raven doesn’t want to spare the Rover since they need it to haul pieces for patching the Ark. Clarke points out if Jaha is right, they won’t need the patch.

Raven reminds Clarke and Bellamy what happened the last time Jaha went looking for salvation. But Bellamy and Clarke are willing to take the risk, and Clarke promises if the lead is a dead end, she’ll make the list.

Clarke, Jaha and Bellamy head to the childhood home of Bill Cadogan who was the head of the Second Dawn. Jaha has been doing his research on the group. In the two years before the bombs, Cadogan sold off most of the Second Dawn’s real estate holdings, except for his family’s cabin where his father had built a bunker. Jaha thinks Cadogan used the church’s money to expand it.

Raven Rules with an Iron Fist

If John and Emori had a plan when they fled Polis, it’s not working out. They have no food, and Emori is still peeved about how close John got to Ontari. With no other options, John decides to return to Arkadia to steal supplies.

He overhears Abby asking Raven to reconsider giving anti-radiation meds to Luna and her friends. Abby argues it’s just seven doses, and without them, Luna and her people will die. Raven questions if Abby can guarantee the medicine, Delactivine, will save them, but she can’t. The meds have to be used within 24 hours of exposure. Abby agrees the rate of effectiveness goes down, but it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Raven won’t bend, and Abby asks for just one dose for a child. Abby thinks saving one life is worth something, but Raven figures the girl will be dead in two months anyway. Abby accuses Raven of killing the child, not radiation.

John swipes the whole stash and brings the pills to Abby. She and Jackson decide to give it to the girl, Adria, first. If it works, they’ll give more to the rest.

A New Flamekeeper

It doesn’t take Octavia long to track down the thief, a young woman who insists the Flame does not belong to Octavia or the Red-Blooded King. Octavia is determined to take the Flame by force, but just as she’s about to kill the girl, Indra intervenes, announcing the thief is her daughter, Gaia.

Octavia offers to talk to Roan. If Gaia gives back the Flame, Octavia thinks she can get him to show mercy. Indra replies that Azgeda knows no mercy. She asks her daughter for the Flame. Octavia notices Gaia’s necklace, and Indra says it’s a totem Gaia has worn since she joined the faith.

Indra warns her daughter she’s interfering in matters she doesn’t understand, but Gaia insists she’s being true to her faith as a Flamekeeper, a faith Indra once believed in. The twosome start airing their dirty family laundry. Gaia thinks Indra perverts their faith by serving Roan. Indra insists she’s doing the best for Trikru, something Gaia would understand if she had stayed and done hers. Indra doesn’t believe her daughter was meant to wander the earth looking for Nighbloods. Gaia was destined to lead armies and their clan.

Before the three can agree on any course of action, they are interrupted by Ilian and a group of Grounders determined to destroy any and all tech. Ilian who followed Octavia takes the Flame. Gaia pleads with him that it contains the spirit of the Commanders. Octavia tells him he doesn’t have to destroy it, but Ilian smashes the Flame with a sledgehammer in honor of his mother who he promised to avenge.

After the men have gone, it’s revealed that Ilian destroyed a copycat version of the Flame contained in Gaia’s necklace.

Plan B’s a Bust

Clarke, Bellamy and Jaha arrive at Cadogen’s property. As they search the surrounding woods, Jaha tells Bellamy that Clarke is lucky to have him. Bellamy argues it’s the other way around. Jaha admits that Bellamy has made mistakes, but his intentions have always been pure. Every decision Bellamy’s made has been to save his people, and as long as that’s the truth, he doesn’t need redemption. Bellamy tells Jaha if he’s wrong, and there is a hell, he’ll see him there.

Clarke finds a stairwell, and the three descend and find what looks to be the entrance to the shelter. Jaha notices the seal on the door hasn’t been broken, meaning the door was supposed to be opened from the inside. Bellamy comes up with a plan to use the Rover to pull the door off from the outside instead.

Once inside, the threesome discover the remains of hundreds of bodies. The door wasn’t sealed, and the shelter won’t save anyone.

Everyone Looks Ahead

Octavia brings Roan the head of one of the looters. She gives him the shattered remains of Gaia’s necklace and said the man destroyed the Flame before she could stop him. Roan buys the story, but warns Octavia that more people will have to die to keep him in power.

John returns to Emori and tells her they may need his people after all. There is a storm coming, and they need to be on the right side of the door.

Clarke gets to the last two spots on her list. She writes down Bellamy’s name but can’t bring herself to write down her own. Bellamy does it for her. He tells her now they put it away and hope they don’t have to use it. For now, they’re still breathing.

Clarke heads to the sickbay and sees that none of Luna’s people survived, but Luna is recovering. Abby says Luna’s blood is the only variable. The key to survival lays with the Nightbloods.

Have we heard the last of Bill Cadogan and Second Dawn? Could a romance be brewing between Roan and Octavia? Who didn’t make Clarke’s list? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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