Supernatural returns October 4 with the episode “The Magnificent Seven,”  which picks up hot on the heels of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) demon venting encounter.  A lot of questions surrounding the return of Supernatural focus on the two new additions to the cast, Lauren Cohen and Katie Cassidy, playing Bela and Ruby respectfully. 

Will the girls be tough enough, or too tough for their fawny exteriors.  Thanks to some newly released promotional pics we can answer that question for one of the new Supernatural Girls.

Katie Cassidy, who plays a seasoned hunter named Ruby, has been revealed by the CW’s publicity department, and so far all is well.   In the casting sides, Ruby came across as resigned and road hardened, but with a teasingly sexual underside.   Since the sides caused a stir with their romantic insinuations, the Supernatural creators have gone out of their way to assure fans that the girls are not being brought in as love interests.

In this first action pose, you can see that Katie Cassidy really has her scowl down well, but is she holding the knife backwards? It may just be the design of the blade, but it looks backwards both from the thickness of the edge and the sharp angle.  Who knows,  I’m just saying.

The do, the skin, maybe a little too clean.  But the Winchester boys always looked like they came out on the winning end of a facial themselves, so who am I to knock a little beauty?  The bottom line is, I trust the casting.  But if that knife was backwards, we have to do something about that.

Will there be demon action?  Just ask Lust and Envy above.  Take a wild guess at which one is Lust.  In “The Magnificent Seven” the brothers and some other hunters are on the lurk for the seven demons they let out of hell in the season 2 finale.   Dean gets a little bit of a shock when he finds out that one of the demons, Envy, knows him by name.

There is a good possibility that Bella pics will be coming out soon, however for reasons you will find out in our upcoming interview with Supernatural‘s executive producer Robert Singer, Ruby’s presence doesn’t necessarily require Bella’s.  Stay tuned.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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