The creator of The 4400, Scott Peters, will be bringing his special magic to CBS’ Jericho. Peters will be directing what may be the next-to-last episode of the post-apocalyptic drama which is so far only scheduled to run for seven episodes. As The 4400’s small but extremely loyal following knows, Peters is capable of delivering intense television action.

Jericho Season 2

The title and plot of Peters’ episode are not known yet, but bearing in mind that his credits are almost entirely composed of science fiction credits, one has to wonder: Is Jericho going to be taking a turn for the weird?

While Peters’ role in the production has not been completely fleshed out, it is possible that he is being brought in as a consulting producer.

Originally, when Jericho premiered, the Internet buzz was brimming with speculation that the show would eventually cross over into the territory of reality-bending outings like Lost. That did not turn out to be the case. While Jericho most definitely concocted a conspiratorial plot that any Tom Clancey fan would love, it never brought the weird.

Of course, putting aside the fact that Peters has practical no non-genre credits to his name, there is no reason why his brand of on-screen tension could not serve Jericho well in its current slant. However, it is hard to say just how far Jericho’s creators will go to try to save the show.

It is patented speculation to even think in these terms, but a slightly more surreal plot evolving from the current story would not be such a gigantic reach. In the world of television, particularly, anything goes. Nonetheless, at least one thing is for sure. One of television’s best-kept secrets, Scott Peters, is coming to Jericho for at least one episode.

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