OK, so you might have seen the above headline and wondered, “Who is Kari Matchett and why do I care?”  But, then, you saw that picture of the blonde actress and said, “Hey, wait a minute.  I’ve seen her on TV before.”  She’s the female version of a classic That Guy (J.T. Walsh and John C. McGinley are my two all-time favorites).  Kari Matchett has popped up all over the television landscape over the last few years.  Just this past TV season, Matchett has played a traitor on 24, Matthew Perry’s flirting interest on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and a doctor on TNT’s Heartland.  She has appeared in Invasion and Shark.  That’s as impressive a resume for a non-household name as you can get.  Anyway, Matchett is joining the cast of ER in November as the new attending, a character named Skye Wexler, a tough lady who works in the ER to fund her own world travels.  I like the sound of that. 

Kari Matchett‘s insanely prolific TV resume begs the question: Can you become over-exposed even if no one knows who you are?  The sheer number of roles in high-profile shows Matchett has received is stunning, if only for the fact that her schedule must be crazy.  Kari is a quality actress who, just last season, showed chameleon like abilities.  Just juxtapose her characters on Studio 60 and 24.  She was a witty and confident brainiac who had the hots for Chandler Bing on Studio 60.  She was a slightly timid and secret-filled secretary on 24.  She was great in both. 

But, it is weird seeing Matchett, not famous by any means, on so many shows at once.  Is she a legendary audition performer?  Is Ari Gold her agent?  Whatever it is Matchett’s doing, it’s working.  Her first appearance on ER is scheduled for November 1, one week after another 24 alum (Reiko Aylesworth) makes her County General debut.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TVGuide
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Oscar Dahl

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