Fans asked for it and Supernatural delivered … kind of. After bouncing the role among various guest stars and series regulars, Mark Pellegrino has returned to Supernatural as Lucifer. The original Lucifer, and in many fans’ estimation the best, is back and it should be a cause for celebration. Yet Supernatural has wasted the return of the former Lord of Hell in the second half of season 12. Supernatural has a Lucifer problem and it needs fixing.

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A Perfect Waste of a Perfect Vessel 

Pellegrino returning to the role of Lucifer should be more than just fan service. It is the perfect time to bring Lucifer back to his most giddy vessel because Lucifer is in roughly the same mood as he was in seasons 4 and 5. Lucifer is properly back to his scheming ways in season 12. After impregnating Kelly Kline, Lucifer has a goal and a plan. Lucifer is optimistic and for the audience that makes him terrifying. No one is better at playing at this opportunistic shade of Lucifer than Pellegrino. Each Lucifer actor brought something to the role but Pellegrino nails Lucifer as a schemer. 

The disappointment is that in four episodes Supernatural hasn’t used Lucifer or played to his strengths. “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” gave us a brief glimpse that there was a reason to bring Pellegrino back as Lucifer as he broke out of his chains from Crowley and was ready to escape. The episode ended with Lucifer losing harder than ever before. Lucifer never really had a chance of escaping. While it is great that Crowley wasn’t so foolish to think he’d be able to imprison Lucifer up without back-up, the very smart move by Crowley illuminates a very confusing one by the writers. If Lucifer is just going to be Crowley’s slave, there is no reason to bring Pellegrino back. 

Lucifer is a great character because of how many moves he can think ahead of everyone else. Lucifer is unpredictable and dangerous. He is the best villain that Supernatural has ever had and probably ever will have for that matter. While Lucifer being completely caged by Crowley is a role reversal, it is certainly not an excuse to have the character return. If Supernatural is going to nothing with Lucifer but have him lick Crowley’s boots they should have just put him in the cage where he has been for all these years before season 11.

The Spawn (and Salvation?) of Satan

While the sidelining of Lucifer is irritating for the moment, it’s very unlikely that things will stay this way. It should be clear, at this point, that Kelly will give birth to Lucifer’s child. If the baby had been close to being aborted in the episode where it was created or in the handful of installments after maybe Supernatural wouldn’t be in this situation. The longer the show drags out Kelly on the run, the more obvious it is that the baby will make it to full term. This isn’t just basic Supernatural logic; it is basic storytelling logic. 

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Lucifer’s child, who will undoubtedly grow up super quick to be either a super-hot lady or super-hot guy, is going to free their baby daddy from Crowley’s new prison. It’s not likely this will happen in season 12. The likely scenario is that the season 12 finale will be a remix of the season 4 finale where Sam and Dean do everything to stop the baby being born but it doesn’t work. Lucifer still wins the day and the next season or two is all about how to put the metaphorical evil genie back in its bottle. 

It is supremely disappointing for Supernatural to bring the best version of Lucifer back to just sit in a chair and throw insults at Crowley. The shoe is on the other foot with the Crowley and Lucifer dynamic but Lucifer making fun of Crowley is nothing new. The sense is that this is just the calm before the storm. Something big is coming and Supernatural fans just have to wait for it to arrive. The show would have been better served waiting to reveal Lucifer’s return in his original vessel until they are going to actively use him more, but the situation is not quite as meaningless as it seems. 

Do you agree that Pellegrino is being wasted as Lucifer? Do you enjoy having him back regardless? How long do you think it will take Lucifer to break free of Crowley’s control? Will he ever? Is Lucifer’s baby definitely going to be born?

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