Sam’s going undercover and assuming a former alias in a risky operation to take down an elusive drug lord in NCIS: Los Angeles‘ “Queen Pin.” Also, Callen and Anna’s romantic night is interrupted when Hetty assigns them to a prisoner escort mission.

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Check out the promo for “Queen Pin”:

Watch this sneak peek to see what led to Sam going undercover:

LAPD believes that Spence Taylor, a small-time drug runner, is working with King, one of LA’s rising drug lords. However, they haven’t been able to touch King because they don’t have any idea who he is. King was using a civilian naval contractor to smuggle drugs in from overseas, so Sam created an alias to shut it down, but never caught King. Hopefully that will change now. With Callen off on escort detail to bring Ahmed Han Asakeem in for a deposition, Nell’s joining Kensi in the field while Deeks backs up Sam.

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See Sam undercover:

Sam’s introductions in his undercover gig don’t exactly go as planned, at least not for Spence. In fact, after Spence tries to justify his actions — things got out of hand, cops were everywhere, he had to bail after he was shot — Sam tosses him off the dock. But that just means that now Sam has to take over Spence’s debt. 

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