Episode five of Legion, “Chapter 5,” opens with our crew of mutants recovery for the ordeals of “Chapter 4.” Cary is desperately trying to save his better half, Kerry, while David reveals to Melanie that he’s been in contact with her husband on the astral plane. It’s safe to say that the news has only emboldened Melanie to use David’s abilities for her own means.

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Things then slow down (or should I say heat up) between Syd and David. David has discovered an ability for he and Syd to be physical with each other. Utilizing one of his many powers, David is able to psychically link with Syd in a plane of existence where they can actually physically touch.

Right when you think Legion has run out of abilities to offer David, a new one rears it’s head and we’re once again reminded that we really have no clue how powerful this guy truly is. We also get to see a bit of David’s manipulative side when he entices Melanie with thoughts of bringing her to her beloved husband trapped on the astral plane. It’s a very nuanced approached and not too over the top or overt to be distracting, but the moment is certain an example of how David can be when he’s lucid.

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“Who teaches us to be normal when we’re one of a kind?”

That quote says it all. When Syd reveals the tale of how she lost her virginity, it’s one of those moments where we get to see how vulnerable she is with David as well as her innocence and naivety of a young super-powered being who doesn’t have a full grasp on the gravity of her abilities and how it can harm others. You could say that the entire premise of the show hinges on that quote. All of these mutants are trying their best to survive in a world that wants nothing to do with them and that fears them. Trying to be normal in a far from normal situation is clearly not possible. But maybe they can find a new kind of normal.

Lenny Wants Control

If you haven’t caught on by now, Lenny is clearly up to something. That something may be complete and utter control over David’s physical form. She convinces him that they don’t need the other personalities butting in and complicating things. It’s clear that Legion is quickly establishing her as the chief antagonist of the series. Her ability to talk David into making big choices is clearly evident. When she convinces him to attack Division 3 to save his sister you wonder if things will go off without a hitch or if David is being foolhardy.

Ptonomy certainly believes the latter over the former and is perhaps the only person thinking logically when Melanie and Syd suggest they back David up. Each woman has a reason to follow David’s lead for their own personal reasons, both of which stem from love. But in a war, sacrifices must be made and Ptonomy, above the rest, seems to understand that. He also seems to understand that David is growing increasingly more selfish and reckless.

Division 3 Destroyed

It turns out that David was more than capable of handling himself when he went to Division 3. The security team was laid to waste, most of them fused into the concrete surroundings of the facility. When Melanie gets a glimpse of security footage of David’s raid, we get a glimpse of what Mr. Haller is capable of as he snuffs out the security guards with the snap of his fingers. Another glimpse at a different security screen shows that David’s body may have been taken over by The Devil with Yellow Eyes. The director of Division 3 even suggests that a demon killed everyone in the facility, a demon wearing a human face.


Once again, Lenny rears her head and we get an even deeper understanding of who or what she is. She’s a manifestation created by David, much in the same way the dog King and the character from The World’s Angriest Boy In The World. Each of them could be sides of his personality or simply one being. Cary had suggested to the group that David’s mind could be infected by another outside personality who is threatening to take over his mind, but really, it could simply just be another side to David’s personality.

The revelation by David’s sister Amy at their childhood home that he was adopted clearly has a crushing effect on the fragile mutant. When Melanie and the others arrive to David’s boyhood home, we’re once again shown another of David’s many abilities as they are all unable to hear or even utter a sound. By this point, we have to accept that the number of David’s abilities clearly must be infinite. Lenny or the demon has taken over David’s mind. By the end, everyone in the vicinity of David (The Eye included) who had been following the group since the events of Division 3, has been trapped within David’s mind once again as Lenny holds a group therapy session within the mutant’s mind.

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