Let me start by saying that I completely agree with Dr. Ben Warren. The architectural boat tour in Chicago “sounds boring” but is “actually fascinating.” Why is Ben even talking about this Windy City treasure in the first place? Because he has the misfortune to get caught in the crossfire. In this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Civil War,” April is fighting with Jackson who is fighting with Catherine who is fighting with Richard. Meredith and Andrew both get stuck in the middle of Alex and Nathan’s differences of opinion. Arizona and Eliza plan a first date and Owen and Amelia finally come face to face.

Everybody Loves Minnick

Meredith’s back at work and Jackson’s not happy about it. Actually Jackson’s pretty put out about a lot of things. Though Mer insists she’s back to work because it’s what Richard wants, Jackson argues that Dr. Grey’s presence lends support to Minnick’s approach at the hospital. I’m put out because this story line continues to go around in circles, but enough about me. Let’s talk about how absurd it is that everyone is so annoyed at April.

I mean, really. I’m all for loyalty, but I’m also for opportunity. Move on, people! April isn’t even the Interim Chief of Surgery anymore, now that Meredith’s back. Yet, she seems to really like the administrative tasks required in that type of position (Exhibit A: She got Meredith all caught up on paperwork and staffing, with nary a word of thanks, I might add. Only snark.) Catherine Avery, however, has taken notice. The Avery Foundation runs 77 hospitals, 43 Full Service Clinics and a World Health Initiative. Catherine wants April to visit their Trauma Center in Chicago. Not so Kepner can learn from them. So they can learn from her! This is leading somewhere.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, Jackson is mad, mad, mad about everyone and everything. He’s mad that April “stole” the interim chief job. He’s mad that April’s interested in the Avery Foundation and how it runs – something he never cared about in any way. He’s mad that Richard seems to be caving and giving in re: the resident training. And he’s mad that his conflict with his mother seems to be coming to a very nasty head. This also is leading somewhere as Jackson will be heading to one of those 77 Avery Foundation hospitals (in Montana) to treat a patient in next week’s episode. Rumor has it that April will tag along. That’s going to go well.

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A Laundry List of Conflicts

Catherine/Richard: Richard’s ticked that Catherine is the reason for Eliza Minnick being at the hospital. Catherine thinks it’s no big deal. Business is business. So Richard’s sleeping at the hospital and when a patient severely injured in a turkey fryer accident (!) requires multiple specialists, things (pardon the expression) explode. Richard, Catherine, Jackson and April are all working on the case and it takes Ben’s mediation (“Dr. Minnick said we should work the problem with you.”) to get everyone working together. Catherine and April also plan their trip to Chicago which irritates both Jackson and Richard, who can accept April visiting the trauma center but not Catherine going to see Hamilton without him.

Alex/Nathan/Andrew/Meredith: A newborn patient of Alex’s has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Karev recommends a Norwood procedure, which would require three surgeries over three years but preserve the child’s own heart. Riggs favors a heart transplant, which brings it’s own risks but is, in his opinion, a surer thing and a better chance for the child in the long run. The parents don’t know what to do. The doctors are at odds. Andrew gets caught in the middle, but – taking to heart Alex’s words to him earlier that it’s about the kids in the end – defies Alex and obeys Nathan’s order to put the child on the transplant list. Conveniently Miraculously, a perfect heart becomes available. Life saved. But…

Wasn’t this all really petty? I felt like the whole thing was super-contrived which annoys me because I love Alex and I love Nathan. Then there is the Meredith of it all. She sides with Alex without hearing Nathan’s side of things and gets into a fight with Nathan as a result. Later, Nathan throws down the gauntlet and confesses to Meredith that he wants a relationship with her. What does she want? Wait! She shouldn’t answer until she figures it out. Then give him a call. Oh snap! And don’t get me started on Meredith and Alex. Best friends? Yes. Brother and sister? Yes. Perfect and rare example of a man and a woman on TV being “just friends?” YES! Don’t mess this up, writers! No romance for Mer and Alex. Just…no. Am I on Team Nathan? Yes, I am! MerThan for the win! 

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Owen/Amelia: Ugh. I just can’t right now. Maggie coaxes Amelia out of hiding to snip a nun’s aneurysm and then as Amelia is trying to escape without Owen seeing her, she gets caught up in a second case and Owen not only sees her but has to work with her…sort of…because she’s not technically back at work. She’s still on leave. Putting aside the insurance liability of all that, I am so over Amelia Shepherd. She wants to be Owen’s wife but not have his children. And that’s a valid opinion for her to hold. Too bad she didn’t express that BEFORE she married the man, who already had a wife he adored but also didn’t want children with him. Enough already. Enough, Amelia! Enough, Grey’s Anatomy writers! Really? We’re doing this all again? REALLY? I just can’t right now. 

So, seriously, what do you think? Is Catherine shaping April in her own image? What’s the deal with Jackson? Will there be an Alex-Meredith-Nathan triangle? And are Owen and Amelia a lost cause? Hit the comments! 

Memorable Moments and Quotes

Miranda: “The mattresses?”

Richard: “Yes. You need to replace every mattress in every on-call room. Unacceptable.”

Arizona: “He’s not wrong.”

Richard: “These mattresses are lumpy. They’re misshapen. Zero lumbar support. Our surgeons need solid rest. Not spinal damage.”

Miranda: “Noted.”

I loved that #TeamTrauma (i.e. Hunt and Kepner) and their Level One Trauma Center were recognized for their excellence. Hunt trained you well, Kepner. You’re good. Act like it! 

Alex: “You called it with Riggs.”

Meredith: “What do you mean?”

Alex: “The guy’s a snake.”

Meredith: “Well, I didn’t say that.”

Anyone else think of Cristina Yang when Karev grumbled about Riggs thinking he was some sort of Cardio God? I wonder what course of action our favorite Cardio Goddess would have favored in their case? 

Eliza: “How big is your stove?”

Arizona: “I don’t know how to answer that.”

I know I’m in the minority, but I think Arizona and Eliza are adorable. I was never a big Calzona fan, though, so maybe that’s why I’m more open to it than some? Being too tired for their date was too cute. My only regret was Richard walking in and experiencing yet another betrayal. Noooooo! Fix this, Arizona. Richard’s not only your wingman, he’s your friend! Arizona….Eliza…and Richard! #Hamilton

When Jackson mentioned Mark Sloan and his wonderful teaching? Oh my heart!

Meredith: “Let me make something very clear to you. If you want to get anywhere with me, messing with Alex is not the way.”

Nathan: “So you admit it. That there’s somewhere to get. With you.”

Owen: “Do you want to be married to me?”

Amelia: “Yes.”

Owen: “Then why won’t you talk to me?”

Eliza (to Arizona): “Residents are a bottomless pit of questions. And it’s cute. But it’s also unbelievably exhausting.”

Catherine (to Jackson): “You’ve always been your own man. You’ve always made your own way. Nothing could make a parent more proud than that. Nothing. I am so happy with who you are. I am. I just wish you were, too.”

Nathan (to Meredith): “No banter. No more quips. I’ll tell you what I think. I think about you. A lot. Okay? I can’t stop. And I’m telling you I am in. If you are. I’m in this.”

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