Last season, Supernatural gave Crowley plenty of reasons to want to hunt down Lucifer and make him pay for what he did to him. There was also the very complicated relationship between him and Rowena, and Mark Sheppard and Ruth Connell talked about their characters, that relationship and more at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Watch the video interview with Mark Sheppard:

Here are the highlights:

  • If Crowley hypothetically ever got Lucifer after he made him lick the floor, “I’m sure there would be some level of payback. Yes, I torture my friends. It’s how I show love.”
  • Crowley is always at least one step ahead. That’s how he always played it, how he’ll always play it.
  • “Crowley doesn’t have a mother … Fergus has a mother, but I’m not Fergus. I’m Crowley. I think it’s a sort of token gesture towards a mother relationship. It’s not really a mother relationship because it’s Fergus’ mother not Crowley’s mother. I think it’s just that when you scrape away Crowley, there’s a bit of Fergus still there, like bad mold or rust.”
  • Sheppard thinks it’s a good idea to switch themes, pointing out, “We have more stories within us than necessarily a big story outside us.”
  • “We’re still interested in the Winchester brothers and that’s what counts. If we’re not interested in the Winchester brothers, we don’t have a series to watch. As much fun as Misha and myself and the rest of us around the boys are, it’s about them and if you want to watch them, it’s the right place to be and I think we’ve done a very good job building and structuring over the years the platform to watch what happens to the Winchesters.”
  • While Sheppard thinks it would be fun to see a “Weekend at Bobby’s”-esque episode for Crowley or Castiel, “bottom line is me filling out paperwork’s not half as interesting as watching the Winchesters cutting heads off monsters of the week.”

Watch the video interview with Ruth Connell:

Here are the highlights:

  • She was at Comic-Con last year in the audience.
  • Connell thinks there will be more interaction between Crowley and Rowena.
  • She noted that Gavin was mentioned in the cheat sheet, so she suspects there will be some sort of development there. It would be interesting to see how Rowena would react to being a grandmother or if she’d use it.
  • This was her first American TV show. “It spoiled me for everything else.”
  • To give Emily her status as Darkness, she wanted there to be fear in Rowena.

Supernatural season 12 premieres Thursday, October 13 at 9pm on the CW.

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