Fans were shocked when the news came out of San Diego Comic Con that season six would be the last for Teen Wolf. How can we say goodbye to Scott and his ragtag pack of supernatural friends?

Thankfully we had the chance to sit down with Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey to talk about what’s in store for Scott during the first part of season six. It sounds like Scott will be maturing on his own and enjoying the single life for awhile.

Check out the interview below to find out about Scott’s love life, his relationship with Theo, and a more mature season 6:

Interview Highlights:

  • Scott is single in season six. They wanted Scott to take a break and get to know himself.
  • Posey talks about how this was true in his own life as well. He learned a lot about himself during by being single. 
  • Scott really needed that break. He’s been in love with Allison and with Kira. He said it was exciting to see Scott focus on other things.
  • “But I do miss making out with people, so bring on a love interest for season B!” 
  • What would Teen Wolf be without villains? Posey wonders before talking about the super creepy new villains for the season. 
  • The new villains for the season are called ghost riders. They don’t kill you but they snatch you. The ghost riders are stuck in Beacon Hills and they’re much different than the other villains the gang has faced.
  • They don’t know how to stop the ghost riders and they’re creepy. 
  • Posey talks about how he’s tried to add maturity to Scott every season. 
  • Season six is more mature because it’s more linear and not as confusing. 
  • Scott isn’t threatened by Theo anymore, he’s done the worst he can do and Scott came back from it. He sees him more as an annoyance but he wants to keep him around in case he needs someone in his pack for muscle. 

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Teen Wolf premieres November 15 on MTV

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Boyce, video courtesy of Morgan Glennon)

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