1980s rocker (and sometimes actor) Rick Springfield has opened about his Supernatural role for season 12. We already knew that Springfield would be playing the next vessel for Lucifer but that was about it. In an interview with Billboard, Springfield gave some details about what fans can expect from the “new” Lucifer. 

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Springfield doesn’t drop any major spoilers but his comments are the first hints that any fans have received about what Lucifer will look like in season 12. Though Springfield admits that he is “playing against type” embodying the devil, Lucifer’s new vessel and Springfield will have some similarities. “I play this rock guy who gets possessed by Lucifer, because Lucifer has just escaped from wherever they put him last season,” Springfield explains.

He goes on to add, “He’s always looking for a human host to do this bad stuff to the world, and I happen to be that human host. It’s really fun, well-written. And the effects are insane; the other day I spent two hours in the makeup chair getting ready for this one scene. It’s really incredible stuff.”

Springfield admits, though, that he never watched Supernatural before getting the gig, “I’d heard of the show, but I never realized how big it was. I mean, it’s been on for 12 years, and it’s worldwide. It’s got a giant fanbase. Where have I been?”

There’s not a lot to speculate off of with Springfield comments. However the fact that he spent two hours in make-up does to play Lucifer mean something. Supernatural fans have already seen Lucifer corrupt his human vessel before on the show. Could the make-up that Springfield has to put on have to with similar scarring? Or it could relate to something even more violent? Castiel, will reportedly, being looking for revenge from Lucifer in season 12.

But what do you think? Does Rick Springfield seem like a good choice for the next Lucifer? How long do you think this vessel will last? How do you feel about the meta choice of Lucifer’s new vessel also be a rocker?

Supernatural season 12 premieres Thursday, October 13 at 9pm on the CW.

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