Supernatural season 11 ended with the introduction of the British Men of Letters and the return of Mary Winchester. At San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Robert Singer teased what’s coming up with those developments and with Sam and Dean in season 12.

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Watch the video interview with EP Robert Singer:

Here are the highlights:

  • “We’re getting back to our roots a little bit, the kind of stories we’re going to tell this year … I think we don’t have as big an uber story as we did last year,” he shared. After all, it’s hard to top God.
  • The British Men of Letters play a big part, and ultimately, they and the Winchesters will “butt heads because their methodology is way different than our guys, the way they do work.”
  • The first half of season is the hunt for Lucifer, who’s body jumping. The first Lucifer is Rick Springfield.
  • Mary’s a hunter, was trained as a hunter and knows her stuff, and hunting is probably the only thing she feels comfortable with at this point. She’s not comfortable with her sons because she’s meeting them 30 years later.
  • The first couple of episodes will see the hunt for Sam, who doesn’t even know his brother’s alive.
  • “When [Sam and Dean] get together, they’re much more single-minded this year than they were last year in terms of what their mission for the year is. That’s not to say that they won’t be butting heads or disagreeing about things, but for the first time I think in a couple of seasons, they’re sort of on the same page to begin with.” As the season progresses, there will be stumbling blocks to that.
  • Where have the British Men of Letters been all this time? “They’re very secretive, as the Men of Letters in the States were,” Singer explained.
  • They’ve been aware of Sam and Dean and what’s going on in the U.S., but they’re only now intervening because they felt that they were getting out of hand. As Singer pointed out, if you looked at it from the outside, Sam and Dean do seem like loose cannons.
  • The British Men of Letters are “very organized, very by-the-book,” the EP explained. “They see everything in black and white. Either you’re good or you’re evil, if you’re evil, you’re gone … They view the American hunters as just this patchwork of loonies out there, picking their own missions and leaving collateral damage. It’s just not the British way, so they’ll bump heads pretty hard in the course of the season.”

Supernatural season 12 premieres Thursday, October 13 at 9pm on the CW.

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