Cas has been holed up watching Orange is the New Black and The Wire while recovering from the Attack Dog curse Rowena put on him. In tonight’s “Our Little World,” Cas joins the fight against the Darkness, but his journey won’t be easy. 

BuddyTV visited the Supernatural set in Vancouver with a group of reporters and spoke with Misha Collins about what’s next for Cas.

From the sound of it, Cas should have stayed home marathoning television shows instead of trying to save the world. “Cas’s number one objective at this point is to extinguish the Darkness in some way,” teases Collins. “For him, that ends up going very, very, very badly. As badly as– I mean really badly.”

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In his quest against the Darkness, Cas will turn to help from angels and Collins notes they are “better angels than usual.” It won’t be all smooth sailing though when Cas makes a questionable move. 

“In an effort to combat the Darkness, in a sense, Cas makes another deal with the Devil that becomes another one of those things that everyone probably knows is a bad idea, but he does it,” says Collins

Check out excerpts from the full interview in the video below, including forgiveness over unleashing the Darkness in the first place.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on the CW.

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