JJ returns from maternity leave in “Target Rich” on Criminal Minds, and it’s just in time to help with another disturbing case. Plus, Amber Stevens West is back as Rossi’s journalist daughter, Joy Struthers.

In this episode, the BAU helps Joy investigate the disappearance of a college student. Also, the team is alarmed when Giuseppe Montolo dies in prison after warning Morgan about the “Dirty Dozen,” an underground group of hitmen.

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Check out the promo for Criminal Minds season 11 episode,  “Target Rich”:

So, who wants to “find out what happens in the attic” after this preview? No one, right? What does the UnSub have planned for his victim?

Watch the team see proof they have a case:

Using footage from security cameras along campus, Garcia tracks the missing college student from a “not so awesome” house party on her way to her. The team sees that she was stumbling, likely drunk, and alone at night, making her what JJ calls, “a low risk vic in a high risk environment.” A guy in a hat notices her and starts following her, and after that, they don’t show up on a camera again. Joy was right that there’s a case here for the BAU.

Criminal Minds season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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